Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I played Call of Duty 2 a year back and I love the game. Yesterday I got Call of Duty 4 from my friend. I started playing the game today morning. From the first mission, "Crew Expendable" itself, the game ROCKED. I loved all the missions and was so involved in the game and I forgot my lunch itself. AFter nearly 8 hours of playing I completed the game and was so upset with the size of the game. It is too small that I finished it in a single day.

I am not in a mood to post about my COD 4 gameplay, because I have so many games to complete before my semester leave ends. Also, in the next semester of my College, I have to concentrate on doing a project. Also, I have a BIG plan to develop a very BIG game for Image Cup Challenge of Microsoft. So, I wont be playing much on next Semester.

Now I am trying to get Call of Duty 6. Hope it will run on my PC...


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