Morrowind: Dissident Priests and Lost Prophecies

Then, I went to Vivec and searched for Mehra Milo and found a note addressed to Amaya in her room. The notes stated that she was locked up in Ministry of Truth and she wanted me to come there with two Divine Intervention scrolls for escape. Then, I levitated to Ministry of Truth and spoke to Alvela Saram, the Ordinator guarding entrance into Ministry of Truth. Mehra already spoke to Alvela and so she gave me the key to get into Ministry of Truth. with the key I went inside and started searching for Mehra. A guard saw me and started chasing me and I immediately casted my Moon Shadow power and became invisible. Again, I started my search and found the Mehra Milo in a Cell. Then, I gave her the Divine Intervention scroll I bought and she told me to meet her in the secret Dissident Priests monastry at Holamayan. Also, she told me how to come there and informed me that the entrance to the monastry will be opened only at the magical twilight hours sacred to Azura.

morrowind, Ministry, Truth, Vivec
Ministry of Truth, Vivec

As she said, I went to Holamayan Monastry and met her. She thanked me for rescuing her and she spoke for sometime about the Prophecies, Tribunal and much more. Then, I spoke to Gilvas Barelo, the head of Dissident Priests. He told me the ancient stories of Dagoth Ur, Formation of Tribunal and Kagrenac's Tools. Then he told me about the two prophecies, "The Lost Prophecy", "The Seven Curses", which may be lost prophecies I have been looking for. Then he recited me the versus of this prophecies. Also, he revealed me truth about the corrupt nature of Divine powers of Tribunal and much more.

After getting all the details about whats going on in Morrowind from ancient times and the lost prophecies, I started to go to Urshilaku Camp to meet Nibani Maesa.

morrowind, my, shrine, neravarine
My Shrine in Holamayan Monastry


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