Morrowind: Telvanni Hortator

I am now the Hortator of Hlaalu and Redoran Houses and only one more house to go to complete my Fourth Trial. So, I got a Brown Book which lists all the Councilors of Telvanni House. All the councilors were in high Telvanni towers located in various places like Tel Aruhn, Tel Vos, Tel Mora, Tel Branora and Tel Naga.

The councilors Mistress Therana, Master Neloth, Mistress Dratha and Mater Aryon simply accepted me as the Hortator of Telvanni House. I think they got very big things to do rather than hearing my Nerevarine story. I told by Aryon that Archmagister Gothren would delay my request indefinitely and so me told me to kill him.

I went and met Gothren and as expected he asked me some time to think about my request. When I ask him again and again, he told me the same thing. So, there is no other way than killing him. But there were two Daedra standing beside him. So, I am sure it would be impossible for me to kill him. But, I too have no other way. So, I started fighting him. I saved and loaded in between fights 100 times and killed him. Then, I went back to Aryon's place and spoke to him. Since no surviving Councilors disagree with my request, he named me The Hortator of Great House Telvanni and gave me the Robe of Hortator.

Now I am the Hortator of all the three houses and completed my Fourth Trial of the Seven Visions of Seven Trials of the Incarnate. I am now to complete the Fifth Trial by persuading all the four camps of Velothi to accept me as Nerevarine.

But, before that I need to improve my close range fighting skills because I will surely face strong fighters in my path of Incarnate and I have to prepare myself for that. For that, I am going to the Red Mountains and practice my combat skills there.


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