Morrowind: Corprus Disease and Second Trial

To cure my Corprus Disease, I went to Tel Fyr and met the Telvanni wizard Divayth Fyr. I gave him the beautiful Dwemer artifact and he liked it. I spoke to him about the Cure for Corprus disease and he said that he tested so many cure potions on so many people and all of them are failed. Also, he had a new potion at that time and he wanted me to bring a Dwemer boots from his Corprusarium in exchange for the potion.

morrowind, Corprusarium

I went into the Corprusarium and got the Dwemer boots from a half-human half-spider person named Yagrum Bagarn. Then I returned back and gave the boots to Divayth Fyr and he gave me the potion. It worked perfect and I got rid of the Corprus Disease. Also, I am now immune to this Corprus Disease and Blight Disease, which makes me pass the Second trial.

Now itself I am feeling godly inside:-) Soon I will finish the other trials and become the real Nerevarine.


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