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Game Name: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)
Series: Call of Duty 4

Gamespot Score: 9 / 10
IGN Score: 9.4 / 10

Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision


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    Game Name: Counter Strike: Condition Zero

    Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)
    Series: Counter Strike

    Gamespot Score: 6.8
    IGN Score:

    Developer: Valve Software, Gearbox Software, Ritual Entertainment, Turtle Rock Studios
    Publisher: Vivendi Universal


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      Before dwelving into the main quest, I thought of going back to Hub and take care of some unfinished business there. It was something about a arrogant guy named Kane.

      When I spoke to Lorenzo, he told me that I could get some jobs from the guy, Kane. I, then met Kane and inquired about jobs. He took me to Decker, and he assigned me the job of killing a merchant who lives in the Heights.

      fallout, decker, mission, hub, merchant
      From Fallout

      I went to The Heights along with Ian. There was a thug, who told us to leave the place. So, I had no other go than killing him. While in combat with the thug, his friends came to his rescue and the small fight became a mini war. They are very much skilled and also outnumbered us. After several attempts, we somehow managed to take them all out. Then, I went inside the hotel and killed the merchant, Hightower and also his wife. The loot from this fight, was much profitable. With the looted items and a part of my money, I bought the ultimate melee weapon, Sledgehammer. With my melee skill over 100%, this proved to be a Ultimate asset.

      I met Kane again and this time, I got another business from Decker. It is to take out the Jain of the Children of the Cathedral. With the sledgehammer in my arm, it was just a child's play in taking out the Jain and other eye-witnesses. Becker paid me well and I got good experience also from his quests. He dont have any more business for me and so I turned into real me and complained about his doings to the local police. Then, with the police Sergeant and Ian, I took out Decker and his guys.

      fallout, combat, armor, sledge, hammer, inventory, screenshot
      From Fallout

      But, unfortunately, before I could start looting the items, I was taken to The Hub from Decker's place. Anyhow, I looted a little during the combat itself and from my money and with the looted items, I bought the Ultimate Combat armor from Jake.

      Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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      As promised, I found the missing parts and I repaired the water pump in Necropolis and the peace loving ghouls and their leader was very happy and thankful to me.

      Then, with the water chip, I proceeded to my home, Vault-13 and I gave back the water chip to our leader. I, then made a report about my adventure in the library and visited back our leader.

      He was very happy about the water chip, though he was much concerned about the number of mutants above the surface. From my report, he found that the number of mutants currently there above the surface, is far above than the numbers that would have occurred naturally. He believes strongly that someone is bulk manufacturing mutants, which is a threat to the vaults, including ours.

      fallout, overseer, returned, water, chip, vault, 13, happy, proud
      From Fallout

      So, now he wants me to find about this mutant manufacturing and eliminate who are all responsible for this.

      Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf

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      Here I am, in Necropolis. Trusting the words of Master Water merchant, I came to Necropolis in search of the water chip. Hope I will get it here.

      fallout, necropolis, watershed, map
      From Fallout

      The Ghouls:
      There are no people in Necropolis to welcome me and Ian. Instead, the group of ghouls, when approached started to attack us. We killed almost all the aggressive ghouls and we cant found any good place there, like a shop or something. Then, I walked over a manhole cover and found that there is a path beneath it.

      There were numerous tunnels below the Necropolis and I found the Ghouls Leader there. He is peace loving man, with a sad story. An arrogant Ghoul, named Seth, taken over his position and is now controlling all the other ghouls. It seems Seth was torturing other ghouls. Also, Ghoul Leader accepts the fact that there is a water chip somewhere in Necropolis and he pleads not to take it away, or at least, fix their water pump, before I do so.

      Killed Seth and Super Mutants:
      It was a very acceptable request and so I accepted it and started searching for the materials to fix their water pump. During my search, I crossed Seth and his people and killed every one of them. Then, I went to the water shed and found a bunch of super mutants with heavy machineries. After a tough fight, using grenades, me and Ian managed to kill them all. If spoke to Harry, he takes us to a more dangerous place, which I cant handle now. So, I decided not to go that way and so killed Harry and his friends.

      ghoul, battle, best, seth, group, kill, death, fallout
      From Fallout

      On searching their area, I found another manhole and on exploring it, we found an entire Vault inside. Actually, I was now in search of something to fix the water pump in Necropolis. But, to my surprise, I FOUND THE WATER CHIP in the third floor of Necropolis, underground vault-12.

      vault, 12, necropolis, fallout, ian, water, chip
      From Fallout

      After all this time, my main quest made a dramatic progress. Now, I am to hurry back to my home, vault-13 to return the water chip. But I made a promise here to the Ghoul Leader to fix the water pump. So, I am going to do it first, before making my journey to Vault-13.

      Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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      With no luck for getting the Water Chip, I am now wandering the nuclear devastated cities in search of the Water Chip and my first target is The Hub.
      The Hub is a very big town, with so many shops and people. The first thing, I did in Hub is sold off all the loots I had, and bought numerous Stimpacks(I have now nearly 30 of em), few hand grenade and also made a bunch of cash, oops, caps(hav nearly 3k caps).
      There are lots of people in Hub. Spoke to many of them, but didn't get any mission, except for the Caravan run. Did the Caravan run mission two times, once to the Junktown and the other to the Necropolis, made some cash and nice experience :)

      Butch and DeathClaw:
      I went to a shop named "Far Go Traders" and met a guy named Butch. He gave me a mission to find about the missing Caravans. When asked in detail, he told that a mysterious ghost or something named "DeathClaw" might be the reason for those missing Caravans. I accepted to solve the case and talked about this to a guy named Rutger, in "Far Go Traders". He didnt believe in the DeathClaw story and send me to Beth, owner of the gun store. He also told me that, I will be getting 15% discount on my sales in GUNS store, since I am working for the "Far Go Traders". Then, I proceeded to GUNS store and spoke to Beth. She forwarded me to Harold, the mutant and Uncle Snappy.

      Uncle Snappy is a mad person and so I didnt spend much time with him. I went inside the building and met Harold. He is a mutant with a very big story. Very patiently, I heard all his stories and asked him about the DeathClaw. He gave me some clues on killing it, but no more details. I came back and spoke to Uncle Snappy, and he took me to a cave, where DeathClaw is likely to be hiding. I went inside the cave and met DeathClaw. Its a very tough monster and it took me more than half an hour to kill it, with several reloads and several stimpacks, even with Ian supporting me. After killing it, I found a dying Mutant behind the Deathclaw. Looks like, he and his partners were the real Caravans thieves. I got a recording from him to prove that and went back to the Hub market.

      deathclaw, kill, death, ian, hub, cave, fallout, missing, caravan
      From Fallout

      I reported about this issue to Butch and was rewarded by Rutger.

      Water! Water! Water!
      The moment I heard about the Water merchants, I was very happy and thought that they would provide answer to my questions. I rushed to the water merchants, spoke to their master, but in vein. The Water Merchant's master was very keen in getting money from me, so that water caravans will be sent to Vault-13 to quench their thirsty. But, this is no permanent solution and not what I am supposed to do. But, this might help later. So, I said no to the water trade and kept on interrogating. Then, she told me that people in Necropolis might have a water chip. Still, some news is better than nothing. I was happy and started my journey to the next wasteland, The Necropolis, along with my pal, Ian.

      fallout, missing, caravan, dying, mutant, hub, fallout
      From Fallout

      Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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      Me and Ian reached Vault 15 safe and sound. There was a small hut with a ladder, which leaded to an Underground cave. In the underground cave is the Vault-15, which was fully devastated. No people were living there and there were several creatures lurking in the Vault-15. There were three floors in Vault-15, but the elevators doesnt seem to be working. The rope which I bought from Seth in Shady Sands, helped me to go to the second floor without the elevator. I searched all the floors thoroughly and all I could find is the rats. There was definitely no water chip in here.

      fallout, game, vault, 15, no, chip, water
      From Fallout

      Looks like the main quest is not so simple, as it seemed. I have no idea what to do now. I spoke to many people in Shady Sands and my Vault and got no clue. Ian told me of two towns: The JunkTown and The Hub. So, we are now leaving to The Hub. Hope will get some clue about the water chips there.

      Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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      I ventured out Vault-13 for the first time in my life, into the cave, where the Vault is, and found a bunch of hungry Cave Rats. I killed them all and proceeded out of the Cave. Here comes my first view of sky, the natural light, and wonderful sight of the ravaged world.

      While traveling towards Vault-15, I found a small town called Shady Sands. I decided to check out this town, before proceeding to Vault-15 and so entered Shady Sands. I was warmly welcomed by Katrina, a girl from Vault-15 and Seth, The guardian of Shady Sands.

      Seth was very worried about the Redscorpions in a cave near Shady Sands. I decided to help him out and went to that Cave. It was a very big Cave with about 20 to 25 Redscorpions. But, it was not a big deal. I cleared that cave and reported back to Seth. He was very thankful, but gave me no rewards, which I expected. But, I sold all the Redscorpion tails and made a little profit.

      Then, I found that Tandi, the daughter of the Town Leader, Aradesh had been kidnapped by Raiders, who had their camps, just south-west of Shady Sands. I made a visit to Raiders camp and found that there were a lot of them. Surely it takes a lot for me to kill all of them and rescue Tandi. I tried to speak about this with their leader, but in vein.

      So, I came back to Shady Sands and spoke to the people in there, regarding Tandi. A guy named, Ian was ready to tag along with me for some price. I paid him and went again to the Raider's camp and we started out battle there. In some 30 minutes, we took them all out and rescued Tandi. This mission was a very benefical for me. There were a HELL lot of loots in there and I took them all :D

      fallout, game, tandi, rescue, shady, sands
      From Fallout

      I returned to Shady Sands with Tandi and I was celebrated as a hero.

      I am thinking of making progress in my main quest and so proceeded to Vault-15, but not alone. Took Ian with me.

      Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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      I played various good and bad Role Playing Games before. In all of them, things go like Slaying Dragons, siding with Orcs or Humans in a legendary war, worlds filled with mythical creatures, i.e., they take place at Medieval ages. But Fallout is a Role Playing Game with totally a different theme. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by Nuclear explosions, in the year 2077.

      Character Creation:
      There are 3 built-in characters: Stone, Natalia and Albert
      Stone is a heavy-weight person, good at close range fights.
      Natalia is an Intelligent character with good long range critical skills.
      Albert is a stealthy person with good personality to negotiate with people.

      I played an hour with all the three characters to see which is best and I can say that every one is good in their own way.

      Then, I took Stone, made some minor changes to his profile and started out the game with the character saiy2k.

      Welcome to Vault-13:
      To be safe from the Nuclear war, government build underground facilities called Vault. And we start out in Vault-13, which has a big problem now. The water chip that powers the Water treatment plant in Vault-13 is going to die soon, exactly in another 150 days.
      So, I am to go to Vault-15, get the water chip from there and return within 150 days. The hope of Vault-13 is me.

      fallout, game, screenshot, vault, 13, light
      From Fallout

      I started my adventure in this post-apocalyptic world, hoping for the best.

      Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.

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      Game Name: Railroad Tycoon II

      Genre: Simulation Game
      Series: Railroad Tycoon

      Gamespot Score: 8.7
      IGN Score: 8.9

      Developer: PopTop Software
      Publisher: Gathering of Developers, Take-Two Interactive


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      Game Name: Tomb Raider: Anniversary
      Genre: Platformer / Action / Adventure
      Series: Tomb Raider

      Gamespot Score: 8.0 / 10
      IGN Score: 8.0 / 10

      Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Buzz Monkey Software, Nixxes Software and Robosoft Technologies
      Publisher: Eidos Interactive, Feral Interactive


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