Fallout: No Chip in Vault 15

Me and Ian reached Vault 15 safe and sound. There was a small hut with a ladder, which leaded to an Underground cave. In the underground cave is the Vault-15, which was fully devastated. No people were living there and there were several creatures lurking in the Vault-15. There were three floors in Vault-15, but the elevators doesnt seem to be working. The rope which I bought from Seth in Shady Sands, helped me to go to the second floor without the elevator. I searched all the floors thoroughly and all I could find is the rats. There was definitely no water chip in here.

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From Fallout

Looks like the main quest is not so simple, as it seemed. I have no idea what to do now. I spoke to many people in Shady Sands and my Vault and got no clue. Ian told me of two towns: The JunkTown and The Hub. So, we are now leaving to The Hub. Hope will get some clue about the water chips there.

Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.


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