Fallout: Introduction

I played various good and bad Role Playing Games before. In all of them, things go like Slaying Dragons, siding with Orcs or Humans in a legendary war, worlds filled with mythical creatures, i.e., they take place at Medieval ages. But Fallout is a Role Playing Game with totally a different theme. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by Nuclear explosions, in the year 2077.

Character Creation:
There are 3 built-in characters: Stone, Natalia and Albert
Stone is a heavy-weight person, good at close range fights.
Natalia is an Intelligent character with good long range critical skills.
Albert is a stealthy person with good personality to negotiate with people.

I played an hour with all the three characters to see which is best and I can say that every one is good in their own way.

Then, I took Stone, made some minor changes to his profile and started out the game with the character saiy2k.

Welcome to Vault-13:
To be safe from the Nuclear war, government build underground facilities called Vault. And we start out in Vault-13, which has a big problem now. The water chip that powers the Water treatment plant in Vault-13 is going to die soon, exactly in another 150 days.
So, I am to go to Vault-15, get the water chip from there and return within 150 days. The hope of Vault-13 is me.

fallout, game, screenshot, vault, 13, light
From Fallout

I started my adventure in this post-apocalyptic world, hoping for the best.

Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.


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