Fallout: Shady Sands

I ventured out Vault-13 for the first time in my life, into the cave, where the Vault is, and found a bunch of hungry Cave Rats. I killed them all and proceeded out of the Cave. Here comes my first view of sky, the natural light, and wonderful sight of the ravaged world.

While traveling towards Vault-15, I found a small town called Shady Sands. I decided to check out this town, before proceeding to Vault-15 and so entered Shady Sands. I was warmly welcomed by Katrina, a girl from Vault-15 and Seth, The guardian of Shady Sands.

Seth was very worried about the Redscorpions in a cave near Shady Sands. I decided to help him out and went to that Cave. It was a very big Cave with about 20 to 25 Redscorpions. But, it was not a big deal. I cleared that cave and reported back to Seth. He was very thankful, but gave me no rewards, which I expected. But, I sold all the Redscorpion tails and made a little profit.

Then, I found that Tandi, the daughter of the Town Leader, Aradesh had been kidnapped by Raiders, who had their camps, just south-west of Shady Sands. I made a visit to Raiders camp and found that there were a lot of them. Surely it takes a lot for me to kill all of them and rescue Tandi. I tried to speak about this with their leader, but in vein.

So, I came back to Shady Sands and spoke to the people in there, regarding Tandi. A guy named, Ian was ready to tag along with me for some price. I paid him and went again to the Raider's camp and we started out battle there. In some 30 minutes, we took them all out and rescued Tandi. This mission was a very benefical for me. There were a HELL lot of loots in there and I took them all :D

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I returned to Shady Sands with Tandi and I was celebrated as a hero.

I am thinking of making progress in my main quest and so proceeded to Vault-15, but not alone. Took Ian with me.

Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.


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