Fallout: Death Claw

With no luck for getting the Water Chip, I am now wandering the nuclear devastated cities in search of the Water Chip and my first target is The Hub.
The Hub is a very big town, with so many shops and people. The first thing, I did in Hub is sold off all the loots I had, and bought numerous Stimpacks(I have now nearly 30 of em), few hand grenade and also made a bunch of cash, oops, caps(hav nearly 3k caps).
There are lots of people in Hub. Spoke to many of them, but didn't get any mission, except for the Caravan run. Did the Caravan run mission two times, once to the Junktown and the other to the Necropolis, made some cash and nice experience :)

Butch and DeathClaw:
I went to a shop named "Far Go Traders" and met a guy named Butch. He gave me a mission to find about the missing Caravans. When asked in detail, he told that a mysterious ghost or something named "DeathClaw" might be the reason for those missing Caravans. I accepted to solve the case and talked about this to a guy named Rutger, in "Far Go Traders". He didnt believe in the DeathClaw story and send me to Beth, owner of the gun store. He also told me that, I will be getting 15% discount on my sales in GUNS store, since I am working for the "Far Go Traders". Then, I proceeded to GUNS store and spoke to Beth. She forwarded me to Harold, the mutant and Uncle Snappy.

Uncle Snappy is a mad person and so I didnt spend much time with him. I went inside the building and met Harold. He is a mutant with a very big story. Very patiently, I heard all his stories and asked him about the DeathClaw. He gave me some clues on killing it, but no more details. I came back and spoke to Uncle Snappy, and he took me to a cave, where DeathClaw is likely to be hiding. I went inside the cave and met DeathClaw. Its a very tough monster and it took me more than half an hour to kill it, with several reloads and several stimpacks, even with Ian supporting me. After killing it, I found a dying Mutant behind the Deathclaw. Looks like, he and his partners were the real Caravans thieves. I got a recording from him to prove that and went back to the Hub market.

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I reported about this issue to Butch and was rewarded by Rutger.

Water! Water! Water!
The moment I heard about the Water merchants, I was very happy and thought that they would provide answer to my questions. I rushed to the water merchants, spoke to their master, but in vein. The Water Merchant's master was very keen in getting money from me, so that water caravans will be sent to Vault-13 to quench their thirsty. But, this is no permanent solution and not what I am supposed to do. But, this might help later. So, I said no to the water trade and kept on interrogating. Then, she told me that people in Necropolis might have a water chip. Still, some news is better than nothing. I was happy and started my journey to the next wasteland, The Necropolis, along with my pal, Ian.

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Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.


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