Fallout: Back to The Hub

Before dwelving into the main quest, I thought of going back to Hub and take care of some unfinished business there. It was something about a arrogant guy named Kane.

When I spoke to Lorenzo, he told me that I could get some jobs from the guy, Kane. I, then met Kane and inquired about jobs. He took me to Decker, and he assigned me the job of killing a merchant who lives in the Heights.

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I went to The Heights along with Ian. There was a thug, who told us to leave the place. So, I had no other go than killing him. While in combat with the thug, his friends came to his rescue and the small fight became a mini war. They are very much skilled and also outnumbered us. After several attempts, we somehow managed to take them all out. Then, I went inside the hotel and killed the merchant, Hightower and also his wife. The loot from this fight, was much profitable. With the looted items and a part of my money, I bought the ultimate melee weapon, Sledgehammer. With my melee skill over 100%, this proved to be a Ultimate asset.

I met Kane again and this time, I got another business from Decker. It is to take out the Jain of the Children of the Cathedral. With the sledgehammer in my arm, it was just a child's play in taking out the Jain and other eye-witnesses. Becker paid me well and I got good experience also from his quests. He dont have any more business for me and so I turned into real me and complained about his doings to the local police. Then, with the police Sergeant and Ian, I took out Decker and his guys.

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From Fallout

But, unfortunately, before I could start looting the items, I was taken to The Hub from Decker's place. Anyhow, I looted a little during the combat itself and from my money and with the looted items, I bought the Ultimate Combat armor from Jake.

Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.


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