Fallout: Necropolis

Here I am, in Necropolis. Trusting the words of Master Water merchant, I came to Necropolis in search of the water chip. Hope I will get it here.

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The Ghouls:
There are no people in Necropolis to welcome me and Ian. Instead, the group of ghouls, when approached started to attack us. We killed almost all the aggressive ghouls and we cant found any good place there, like a shop or something. Then, I walked over a manhole cover and found that there is a path beneath it.

There were numerous tunnels below the Necropolis and I found the Ghouls Leader there. He is peace loving man, with a sad story. An arrogant Ghoul, named Seth, taken over his position and is now controlling all the other ghouls. It seems Seth was torturing other ghouls. Also, Ghoul Leader accepts the fact that there is a water chip somewhere in Necropolis and he pleads not to take it away, or at least, fix their water pump, before I do so.

Killed Seth and Super Mutants:
It was a very acceptable request and so I accepted it and started searching for the materials to fix their water pump. During my search, I crossed Seth and his people and killed every one of them. Then, I went to the water shed and found a bunch of super mutants with heavy machineries. After a tough fight, using grenades, me and Ian managed to kill them all. If spoke to Harry, he takes us to a more dangerous place, which I cant handle now. So, I decided not to go that way and so killed Harry and his friends.

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On searching their area, I found another manhole and on exploring it, we found an entire Vault inside. Actually, I was now in search of something to fix the water pump in Necropolis. But, to my surprise, I FOUND THE WATER CHIP in the third floor of Necropolis, underground vault-12.

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After all this time, my main quest made a dramatic progress. Now, I am to hurry back to my home, vault-13 to return the water chip. But I made a promise here to the Ghoul Leader to fix the water pump. So, I am going to do it first, before making my journey to Vault-13.

Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf.


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