Fallout: Returning Water Chip

As promised, I found the missing parts and I repaired the water pump in Necropolis and the peace loving ghouls and their leader was very happy and thankful to me.

Then, with the water chip, I proceeded to my home, Vault-13 and I gave back the water chip to our leader. I, then made a report about my adventure in the library and visited back our leader.

He was very happy about the water chip, though he was much concerned about the number of mutants above the surface. From my report, he found that the number of mutants currently there above the surface, is far above than the numbers that would have occurred naturally. He believes strongly that someone is bulk manufacturing mutants, which is a threat to the vaults, including ours.

fallout, overseer, returned, water, chip, vault, 13, happy, proud
From Fallout

So, now he wants me to find about this mutant manufacturing and eliminate who are all responsible for this.

Saiy2k, The Lonely Wolf


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