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Again, I tried to get into Old Mine, but I cant. So, I went into Orc Land and killed every beasts there. In my previous hunting missions itself, half of the creatures in Orc Land were dead. Now, I wiped out the remaining creatures, which includes 2 of 3 Golems of Xardas. Xardas created three Golems, which protect the path to his tower. He is studying Dark Magic and ancient books and dont want to get disturbed by anyone, thats why he created these Golems.

Golems are very powerful unique creatures which wont take damage from Normal weapons. Only powerful magic spells can defeat this creatures.

The first golem there is Stone Golem. Only the mighty Orc Hammer can do damage to this creatures. I got an Orc Hammer near the fort in the mountains, which is guarded by a Bridge Golem. With that Orc Hammer I defeated this Stone Golem and took its heart.

Next one is the Ice Golem. Taking out this one is very easy. I casted just two fire balls and this Golem was dead.
gothic, 1, game, ice, golem, xardas, kill, hunt

Next one is the Fire Golem. I thought this could me took out with Ice Block. I tried a few times, but, it didnt work.

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I went to Old Camp and fought everyone there. It was really a great fun. First, I fought all the Diggers and Shadows and Guards in the Old Camp outside the Castle, except few like Diego, Thorus, etc., Because, they cant be hurt, whatever weapon you use. They are designed in the game itself like that. Then, I went inside the castle and fought everyone there, including all the magicians, guards and named NPC's like Raven, but cant kill those two NPC's in Gomez room. I may have fought them, but it would have required some game loads and I am not in a mood to do that. So, I let them free now, but will surely KILL them the next time. In fact, from the experience I got in the Raid, I gained 2 levels and leveled up to level 15. Now, in the Old Camp, 95% of the people wont be having their weapon and all their Inventories were emptied by me.

gothic, 1, game, old, camp, raid, raven, fight, kill

gothic, 1, game, old, camp, raid, mage, magician, fire, fight, kill

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In Swamp Camp, I met Y'Berion. He said he sent Nyras to get a focus stone, which is an ancient powerful artifact that was used to create the barrier. He also said that the barrier could be broken with the help of that focus stone. But, Nyras didnt return with that focus stone. So, Y'Berion told me to checkout what happened to Nyras and bring focus Stone as soon as possible.

I went and found Nyras in the mountains to the left of Swamp Camp. Nyras went mad and was speaking shit. So, I killed him and took the focus stone from him. Then, I went back to Swamp camp and gave the focus stone to Y'Berion. Y'Berion appreciated me and told me to give the focus stone to Cor Kalom. Then, I went to Cor Kalom home and gave the focus stone to him. Cor Kalom then instructed me to go the old mine and get some special kind of Minecrawler mandibles to create a special secretion.
gothic, 1, game, nyras, mad, NPC, fight, kill

Then, I went for hunting into the Orc Land. After hunting the Orcs, Snappers, Orc Dogs for some time, I leveled up to level 13. Now, I have 30 skill points required to learn Two Handed Sword Skill. So, I went to New Camp and learned Two Handed Sword Skill level 1 from Lee. Then, I spoke with lares who forwarded me to Gorn. I met Gorn and he gave me my share from the loot of supply to the Old Mine.

Then, I went to Old Mine, but it was closed. I dont know what to do. I tried operating the winch there, but nothing happened. I wasted much time trying and got very frustrated. So, to relax my self, I went for hunting again. I killed a ShadowBeast and after some time of hunting, I leveld up again to level 14.

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I am in New Camp now and I gave the List of Faith to Lares. Because of my loyality to New Camp, Lares admitted me as a Rogue. Then, he edited the list of faith and gave it to me and told me to return it to Diego. The plan is to rob the supplies, while they are en route to the Old Mine.

I came out of Lares room as a Rogue, wearing Rogue's armor. My stat screen at this point is shown below:
gothic, 1, game, stat, screen, screenshot

My main mission here is to deliver the letter from outside world to Magicians of Fire in Old Camp. So, I approached Cronos and told him about the letter. He gave me an Amulet, which is a pass to get into the Castle in the Old Camp. Also, he gave me another letter and told me to deliver it to the Magicians of Fire. Then, I spoke to Lee and when I told him that I wanted to join them because "I wanted freedom from the very beginning", he admitted me as a Mercenary.
gothic, 1, game, join, mercenary, new, camp, lee

Then, I went back to the Old Camp and gave the List of faith to Diego. Then, I went into the Castle wearing the Amulet provided by Cronos and gave the two letters, one from outside world and other from Cronos, to the Magician Milten. For delivering the letter, Torrez offered me a Strength Ring reward. In one of the building inside the Castle, I met guy named Bullit. He was speaking shit, so I fought him and took all the items he had, which included 800 Ore.

Then, I went to Swamp Camp to find more about the big thing the Brotherhood is planning. There, I met Lester. He told me to meet Y'Berion immediately for a big thing. With that, Chapter 2 of the game starts.

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I am now level 10. With the skill points I earned during the extensive hunting, I made my strength to its maximum possible limit 100. After that also, I had 11 skill points remaining, so I increased my Dexterity to 20.

Then, I went to the New Mine, spoke to all the people there. But there are no big missions there. Then, again I went for hunting and in the process I met a Troll. Its in the plains above where Drax stands. At the bottom of the plain, where Drax stands, there are few Scavengers. When we proceed up, we can see a number of Scavengers and at the top there are a large number of Black Goblins, where the Troll is sitting.

I never thought I could beat that troll. But, I cant go away without trying. So, I attacked the troll and it took only very few damage from my hits, but as I was continuosly hitting, it was not able to hit me. It tries to hit me, but before that my sword hits it. So, it stops it attack and backup. So, it didnt hit me at all and I took out after hitting around 25 shots.

Then, I went to Old Camp and finished the small remaining missions which includes
Dexter's mission to get Cor Kalom's Receipe.
Fought Kharim in Arena and beat him.
Made Sharky as Fisk's fence.
Returned Nek's Amulet to Sly.

With this I finished all the missions in Old Camp required to join Old Camp as Shadow. If I gave the list of faith to Diego, then he would admit me to the Old Camp. But, the last time I played Gothic 1, I joined Old Camp only. So, this time I decided to join New Camp and went to New Camp.

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My strength is now 70, but I got only 26 damage weapon, which requires 13 Strength to handle. So, I need to get a best weapon that utilized all my Strength. So, what I did is beaten a Guard in Old camp and took his weapon. It was a 36 damage weapon, not what I expected, but better than what I had before. I want a better weapon that this, So, I fought Fletcher and took his weapon. His weapon does not even have 36 damage, it was lesser than that.

Then, I went to Arena and fought Kirgo and won. Even Kirgo's weapon was not so good. I informed Scatty, that I had beaten Kirgo and he gave me some Experience.

The search for a good weapon led me to Swamp Camp, where I killed a Templar and took his weapon, which has 70 damage and required 42 strength. This is a great weapon for me now and also this is a two handed weapon.

Then, I helped Ghorim by sending Harlok to take care of Ghorim's work and thus relieving Ghorim from his 24 X 7 work. It was very late night and everyone went into their houses and slept. So, again I started hunting. But, this time I went on to kill some big things like BloodHound. Bloodhound was killed by me in 2 hits with the new powerful sword, but I could take only one hit from it. For the second hit, I was dead. So, I killed them carefully one by one.

On the way, I found a golem and tried to attack it. But my blades are not enough for the Golem to take damage. I think it can only be beaten with some special Sword. So, I continued hunting Bloodhounds and I levelled up to level 8. Then, I fought some Orc Hunters and returned back to Swamp Camp.

Helping Ghorim made Baal Orun to speak to me. Baal Orun called me and gave me a mission to get 100 swamp weed from the harversters and give it to Cor Kalom. I roamed around the swamp and got 50 swamp weed from Balor and another 50 from Viran. Then, I went to Cor Kalom's place and gave the 100 swamp weeds to him. Suddenly, Dexter's mission came to my mind and so I asked Cor Kalom about the receipe. He didnt gave a positive reply. So, I opened his chest and took the receipe, but he didnt noticed me.

Then, again I went back to hunting. On the way to Old Camp from Swamp Camp, there is a bridge at the left. On crossing that bridge, very large number of Black goblins can be seen. Their count may go upto 30. I killed them all and levelled up to 9. Then, I went into the Orc Land and fought a number of Orc Dogs and the Orcs itself, which includes Orc Hunter, Orc Warrior and much more.
gothic, 1, game, hunt, hunting, kill, black, goblins

If I wanted to join any camp and finish the game, I can do it fast. But, I wanted to build my character with the best stats and make him Invincible even before joining any camp. I may not get decent armors before joining the camp, but I could make the Offence to the best and I am doing it now.

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After leveling up, I went back to Old Camp and reported to Thorus about Mordrag. He was happy to hear that Mordrag wont be seen again in Old Camp.

Then, I went to Snaf and gave him all the ingredients he asked for and the Snaf's mission is completed.

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Lara goes through the opened door. Inside she fights two mummies and have to solve a puzzle to open the path.
The puzzle is to make the diagrams in the rotating colums to match the diagrams in the wall. To match that, rotate the first left column twice and rotate the diagonally opposite column twice. This will make the center square to rise. Climb that square and proceed. Lara will come to a big room with a Sphinx in it.
There is a small door at the belly of the Sphinx, which requires two Ankh Keys to open.
On the sides of room, there are 2 doors which leads to place, where Ankh keys are kept. But, to go near that doors itself, Lara have to climb the walls and jump so many ledges. And on the top of the head of the Sphinx is the last weapon, Dual Mini SMG.
Lara takes the Gun and goes through one of the door. There is a mechanism which must be activated to proceed. The mechanism is as follows:
The room is square in shape with a pillar at the center hanging from top to center. And there are four pillars at the bottom of the room, placed in a square shape. There are four movable vertical platforms in the wall, which when activated, slides down and get locked and raises one of the four pillar. And the room is full of water in the bottom.
Similarly, all the four pillar have to be raised and the top central pillar must be lowered, so that Light from a window falls in all the pillars and opens the door to Ankh key. Lara takes the Ankh key and goes out to Sphinx room.
The other room also have the same mechanism and provides Lara with an Ankh key.
With both the Ankh keys Lara opens the Sphinx door and goes in. In there is a very large room, with two giant similar statues and fully filled with water. To solve a part of a puzzle in this room, the insects orientation must be kept as shown in the picture by shooting and rotating them.

Lara solves all the puzzles here and proceeds through another door. This is the last room in the Sanctuary of the Scion and also the place where the last Scion is kept. Also, there is an artifact in this room.
There are giant pillars in this room, with ledges on them and the Scion is kept in a small room after this, but locked with gate. On the sides of that gate are two platforms with a hole in the shape of Scion. Lara places both the Scions in that holes. This opens the gate and Lara proceeds and takes the third and final Scion.
On taking the Scion, Lara gets her usual dream and in this dream only it is revealed that Natla is the one coming in her dreams with wings, who is the queen of Atlantis.
Suddenly, Natla and her minions appear and attacks Lara. They then take out all her weapons and the Scion and try to kill her. But, Lara escapes from them and dives into the water and in a tight action packed scene she beautifully catches their boat and with this Sanctuary of the Sction gets over.

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Lara comes to a room, where there is a big pillar at the center and four bridges to the sides of the pillar. But, all the bridges are closed. Lara finds a switch at the left, which opens on of the bridge. On going near the pillar, through that bridge, Lara finds an item, Eye of Horus in one side of the pillar.

Then, Lara jumps down to the pool at the bottom of the pillar. There Lara finds a path. New traps are there in this place. The mechanism of this trap is two big stones coming out from the opposite walls and smashing each other and goes inside. Lara have to carefully run through this traps.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, obelisk, khamoon, wall, run, view, nice
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, obelisk, khamoon, top, down, view

Lara then reaches the bottom of a very height room. Lara must then climb the room and reach the top, where there is a way that lead to the first room but at another side, where Lara opens the second bridge and gets the second item from the other side of the pillar.

On her way to open the thrid bridge Lara encounters another trap in the wall. This trap is placed in between the ledges, where sharp rotating blades comes out and goes in. Lara have to time her jump between the ledges, so that the rotating blades are inside, when she jumps. Lara then opens the third bridge and gets the third item, Seal of Anubis.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, obelisk, khamoon, traps

After a while, Lara open the last bridge too. After opening this last one, Lara goes to the main room to get the last item. But on the way, she must cross a pit, where there is a small pillar at the center of the pit. Lara have to jump to the pillar and then to the next platform, but there is a door smashing trap exactly at the central pillar. I wasted almost an hour here, trying to cross this. This was very very difficult for me to do. Most of the times, Lara jumps down into the pit, instead of standing on the pillar. But, once she stood in the pillar rightly, the stones from the wall smash and kill her. I got very frustrated in crossing this area. Actually, at the end of this wasted hour, I didnt crossed it. I gave up trying and played this the next day and then only, I crossed it.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, obelisk, khamoon, worst, place
This is that fucking place, where I wasted my time

After this, Lara went into the first room and gets the fourth item, Scarab of Osiris. After getting all the items, the door under the water, at the bottom of the pillar gets opened. On proceeding though this, Lara reaches the six statue room, where she played before. From there, she goes to the starting place of Egypt, where there is a central pillar with slots on it.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, obelisk, khamoon, seals, pillar,

Lara places all the four items on the four slots of the pillar, which opens the big gate near by. With this, Obelisk of Khamoon gets over.

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This story starts because of the forecasting of Montezuma's Priests. They predict that the God Quetzalcoatl might return from his exile. So, Montezuma order their soldiers to capture 4 shrines that are sacred to Quetzalcoatl and place a Relic in each of them.

In the progress of developing the Aztecs, they got a number of enemies who will surely oppose the capturing of the shrines. So, Montezuma have to capture and hold all the four shrines from their enemies.

My Scouts says that Tlatiluco is a small empire and can be dealt with early. Then Tepanaca is the next one with a castle and some decent base. The dangerous one is Xochimilco, who train Scorpions and archers. But I played in a very different order and took out Tepanaca first, then Xochimilco and finally Tlatiluco.

I wasted nearly an hour and half, to develop my base because of poor planning. I just built a keep in my base and trained very few Skirmishers and concentrated fully of developing my economy and doing all the researches. The little defense I had was enough to hold my base from Tlatiluco and Tepanaca's attack. After a while, Xochimilco brought his big army to attack me and he almost succeeded. Most of my buildings are flattened and all my defense was out. This all happened just because of their bloody Scorpions. Then only I realised the need for a well defense and built a Castle and two Keeps around the town center. This was enough for me to hold my enemies attacks.
aoe 2, age of empires 2, montezuma, screenshots, game

Then I developed a big army full of Skirmishers and Jaguar Warriors and 5 Battering Rams for sieging. Then, I went into the lands of Tepanaca and built a Castle there, which took out all their Military units. Then, with my Battering Rams I razed their buildings and defeated them.

From there I marched towards Xochimilco's lands and on the way found a shrine. I captured it and built a Castle near it for its defense. I also trained a few monks to heal my Units and then attacked Xochimilco and took him out and then I defeated Tlatiluco with ease.

Then captured all the shrines and accomplished this mission. I wasted so much time in the start, and hence this game took me approximately three and half hour to complete.

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I sold some of the trophies taken from animals and gave lares 400 Ore as the profit got from selling Isidro's weeds. But, actually, I didnt sold them all. Then, I increased my strength with the skill points I got from last level up. Then, I slept in my hut in New Camp, woke up next morning and went to Rice Lord'd farm with the idea of fighting Lefty.

On nearing Lefty, he wantedly called me and started the fight. The moment, I hit lefty once, Rice Lord came to kill me. I quickly beaten lefty and hit Rice Lord too. So, from now on, Lefty wont be a threat to me.

gothic, 1, game, new, camp, lefty, beat, kill, fight

At this point of the game, i was tired of running from Camp to Camp, which is very boring. So, I decided to use a cheat to spawn Potion of Velocity, which will increse the running speed.

Then, I started an extensive hunting session. I killed Snappers, Lurkers, Lizards, Wolves and much more and got levelled up. Even I tried to kill Bloodhound, but they are very tough for me now.
gothic, 1, game, new, camp, hunt, snapper, hunting, kill

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In New Camp, I spoke to Horatio and he increased my Strength by 5 to beat Lefty and the Rice Lord. With increased Strength, I went and killed the Dam Lurker, which is causing damage to the Dam in New Camp, built by Homer. Then, I went to the Bar in New Camp and spoke with Baal Isidro and got all the weeds from him. Also, I gave him 200 ore immediately and that mission got over.

Then, I went to Old Mine to get the List from Old Mine. In inner entrance of the mine is guarded by Drake. He told me all the things I should know about the Old Mine. I got the list from Ian and completed some small missions like Aaron's Chest and came out of the mine.
gothic, 1, game, list, test, faith, old, mine

After coming out of the mine, I went for a hunting session. After a while, I leveled up. Then, I went to Rice Lord's farm and got the water distribution mission from Lefty and distributed the water to all the peasants working there.

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I met with Bloodwyn in old camp. First, he asked me to pay 10 ore to him, so that he provides me safety inside the camp. But, I refused him to pay and he warned me that I would face the consequences.

Then, I met Graham and got the map of the Valley from him.

Then, I met Sly, who gave me the mission to search for and find Nek.

Then, on the other gate, I spoke with Jackal who asked me 10 ore just like Bloodwyn did. But, this time, I paid Jackal 10 ore and moved out of the camp for hunting. Actually, my plan now was to go to the Swamp Camp and buy an armor. I had only around 350 ore, but the armor costed 500 ore. But, I had plenty of Grilled Meats and other animal trophies to trade for Ore.

I went to Swamp Camp and spoke with Lester at the entrance. Then, I spoke with Joru and got a weed mission from him. Then, I went inside and got my daily ration from Fortuno, which is what Joru asked. Also, I traded the trophies with Fortuno for Ore and got 200 Ore. With the money, I bought the Loincloth from the templar at the entrance for 500 Ore. That Loincloth provides 15 weapon protection and 10 Fire Protection.

With the increased Defense from Loincloth, I now was able to fought Lizards and Wolves with ease. While hunting I levelled up and with the skill points I got, I learned all the hunting skills which included Taking of the Claws and skinning Lizards.

Then, I went to Old Camp and met with Herek, who tried to attack me. Herek was set up to kill me by Bloodwyn for not paying him the ore. With all the great weapon protections I have, I beat Herek without much difficulty.

I am now Level 5 with 55 Strength, 20 weapon Protection, learnt all the basic hunting skills and 1 skill point remaining. My stat screen here:
gothic, 1, screenshot, game, stat, screen

Now, to fulfill Thorus request I fought Mordrag and beated him and asked him to accompany me to New Camp. We ran to New Camp in the night and on the way, I met Aidan who is a Hunter. On reaching New Camp, Mordrag gave me his ring, with which I could meet Lares. I went in and met Lares. He gave an assignment of finding what the Brotherhood is planning in the Sect Camp to blow up the barrier. With this, I stopped today's play and will continue on later.

Till now, I have completed only two missions:
Shrike's Hut
Canvassing of Customers

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Temple of Khamoon is the first area in Egypt. Egypt has some nice architectural puzzles with excellent graphics. I completed this area very fast in very short time. So, I dont remember all the complete details in this area and here I will post only the main puzzles in some main areas.

On start, Lara was locked in a room. She climbs that room with the help of ledges and goes to an open area, where she encounters the first of the new kind of enemy, Mummy. In this area lies a pillar which has four differently shaped slots on it in the middle of a pool. Also, there are two sphinxes with doors on it and a Big door.
Lara then opens one of the sphinx door and goes inside it. In that room, Lara fights a few leapords and activates a lever, which makes 6 giant statues in that room to come near. Immdiately, after activating the lever, run fast and jump over the statues one by one to reach the platform at the end of the room.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, temple, khamoon, six, 6, big, statue

Then, proceed and Lara goes to a room with small pond in it and a dog statue. Also, Lara fights some Alligators in here. Lara goes through the underwater path in that pond and reaches another room full of puzzles. After solving a number of puzzles there, Lara comes back to the same room with a new way opened around the Dog statue.
Lara goes through that path and goes to a room with a big pillar in it. There she fights a number of leapords and climbs the pillar and goes to a room with a big insect statue sticked to the wall. After completing the puzzle in this room, Lara goes to the room with 6 giant stautes, which she went already. But this time, she was on the first floor and jumps through 6 moving stones at the top. There she activates a lever, which activates the insect mechanism in previous room. Again she goes back to the insect room.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, temple, khamoon, rope, hanging, dog, statue, room

There a new way is opened on the floor. Going through that takes Lara to the final puzzle in Temple of Khamoon. In that room, pull all the crates fixed to the wall. On pulling some crates, leapords will come out. After pulling all the crates, arrange the four symbols by rotating the circular levers as shown in the screenshot below. Actually, the small rooms inside the crates provide the clues for arranging these symbols in order.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, temple, khamoon, final, puzzle, clue, how to, solve
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, egypt, temple, khamoon, final, puzzle, clue, how to, solve

Also, Lara gets a Relic, Mummified Cat in this room. After arranging all the symbols in order, the main door is opened which leads to the next area, The Obelisk of Khamoon

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Lara comes to a room full of water and many mechanisms. To get of this room, Lara must unlock the movable wooden platform, which is locked the bottom most place and guarded by some Alligators. This wooden platform will help Lara to get out of this place. But, Lara have to work out many things here to unlock the wooden platform and to keep it in right place.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, tomb, tihocan, water, room, puzzle

There are two handles that increase/decrease the water levels and Two crates to keep over the two buttons at the bottom. Also, there are number of medipacks and an artifact is also here. Without much difficulty, I unlocked all but the artifact and was ready to get out of this place. But, I started thinking about getting the artifact and wasted some time, roaming here and there. My friend who got irritated by my worst ideas to get the artifact, pressured me to get of there. Because of him, I left that artifact and proceeded.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, tomb, tihocan, exit, water, fountain

Again, Lara dives into a pool of water and swims underwater and comes to a place with a large land and a big door. On searching the place under the water, Lara finds an artifact and also a secret switch under the water which opens the big door above.
Then, Lara comes out of the water and goes into the opened door, where a video scene appears. In that, Pierre gets the second Scion and tries to run, but two statue Centaurs wakes up and kills him. Now comes a GREAT BOSS FIGHT for Lara.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, tomb, tihocan, boss, fight, centaur, stone

This is a tough fight and involves a BEAUTIFUL trick to beat those Centaurs. Once the rage meter hits the max, the Centaurs will attack Lara in two ways. One is they beam a magical power on Lara, which turns her to stone temporarily and come and kick her. Another is they rage toward Lara and hit, where Lara gets a chance to do Adrenaline Dodge. Lara have to head shot the Centaur using Adrenaline Dodge. If performed right, the Centaur will stop for few seconds. Immediately, Lara have to use her grapple and remove the shield they are holding. Remove the shields for both the Centaurs and they stop charging, when the rage meter is full. From now onwards, they always beam that magical power, which Lara have to deflect towards them using the shield they just dropped. If performed right, the Centaur will turn into stone for few seconds and become very vulnerable. This is the right time to shot them. Repeat the above steps, till they are dead.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, tomb, tihocan, boss, fight, centaur
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, tomb, tihocan, boss, fight, centaur

After this GREAT fight is over, the mission on Greece gets over and Lara moves to Egypt. Also, Lara now got two of the Scions.

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I went to New Camp. On the way fought some wolves and scanvengers. The day passed over and it was night, so I ignored most of the monsters and ran to new Camp. There in New Camp, I met Jarvis and had a small conversation with him about the Water Mages' plan to open up the barrier. Then, I went in and met Gorn and he told me to beat Shrike and take over his Hut, If I needed a place to sleep.

So, I decided to fight Shrike. But, I dont have any armor except the Nek's Amulet. I hit him thrice and the fourth time he hit me and half of life was gone. So, I ran around that Hut and in that time, Shrike took his Bow and went into the hut. Then, I ate some grilled meats to restore my health and went in and beated Shrike and took all the items he had. I took a sword from him, which was better than Whistler's Sword. Then, he moved to some other spot and this Hut is now MINE. I informed about this to Gorn, which gave me a good experience.
gothic, 1, game, new, camp, shrike, hut, fight

Then, I met Baal Kagan there, who was distributing swamp weeds, to the rogues and Mercenaries and he asked my assistance in distributing them. I got 10 swamp weeds from him and distributed. The people in New Camp gave me 10 ore for each swamp weed. So, in the end I got 100 ore and some experience for completing the mission and also, I got 100 ore as a reward from Baal Kagan.

Then, again I went for a small hunting session in the night around New Camp and killed some wolves and Scavengers and I got levelled up too.

I came back to Old Camp and learned Fur Removal and Teeth Extraction skills from Drax. Then, I learned 5 strength from Diego and returned Whistler's sword to him.
gothic, 1, game, old, camp, cooking, meat, raw

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gothic, 1, game, chapter 1, welcome, colony,
The first chapter "Welcome to the Colony", after the scenes and big Conversation with diego.

After speaking with Diego, I proceeded to the Old Camp and on the way I found a Pick Axe. With that, I fought and killed all the creatures in the way, which included Mole Rat and Juvenile Scavenger. Also, I got an Old Sword which was better than the Pick Axe. So, I equipped that Old Sword.

After running through the path, I crossed a small Bridge, guarded by Bridge Guards and went to Old Camp. In the Old Camp, I spoke to Thorus, who said that he would help me to join Gomez people, if I was able to get rid of Mordrag. Also, Diego gave me the Test of Fire, which is to get a list from Old Mine.

Then I spoke to no one and came out of the camp and started hunting. I hunted down all the Scavengers and Mole Rats around the Castle and in the process I levelled up twice and also I got Nek's Amulet, which gives 5 weapon Protection and required to complete a mission later. Then, I returned to Old Camp.

With the 20 skill points, I increased my Strength by 20 with the help of Diego. Then, I got the Whistler's Sword mission and got the sword from Fisk. But, I decided to keep the Sword with me for a while. Then, I got the Receipe Mission from Dexter.

gothic, 1, game, hunting, scavenger

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Gothic is the best and my favourite Role Playing Game. Actually, Gothic is the first RPG game in my gaming life. But, the first game I played is Gothic 2, then only I played Gothic 1. I played Oblivion too. But, even Oblivion cant even stand near Gothic when it comes to the game plot.

I played and completed this game before, but I am going to play this game again. When we compare in-game features, class customization, items and many other things, Gothic is a crap when compared to other RPG games like Oblivion. But I love Gothic beacause of its Story and because of it Unique fighting mechanism.

As the saying goes, "First Impression is the Best Impression", Gothic will remain my favourite RPG game, whatever great ultimate RPG games I see and play.

Game Setting:
The game takes place in a medieval fantasy realm in which humans are fighting a losing war against the Orcs, a humanoid race. In order to fight back, the king needs to extract magical ore from mines, which can be used to forge more powerful weapons. Therefore he decides to send every man who has committed a crime to the ore mines.
To prevent the convicts from escaping he orders his 12 most powerful magicians to erect a magical dome over the mining colony. However, the Barrier goes out of control and grows large enough to cover the entire valley, trapping the magicians inside, and giving the convicts a chance to kill the distracted guards and take control over the colony. The king is thus forced to come to an agreement with the prisoners, trading goods for ore.

gothic, barrier, creation, 1
Creation of Barrier

Soon after, the convicts separate into three different groups: the Old Camp which controls trading with the king, the New Camp which refuses to trade the ore they mine, and instead plan to use its magical power to blow up the Barrier, and the Brotherhood, whose members believe in a god called the Sleeper which will help them escape from the colony. The magicians that created the Barrier also divided; they formed the Fire Mages, who joined the Old Camp, and the Water Mages, who joined the New Camp.

Game Start:
The Player, of unknown name and background, is sent into the Valley of Mines as a convict to work in the mines. Just when he is about to thrown into the Barrier, a Magician comes and gives a letter to the the Player and asks him to deliver the letter to a Magicians of Fire in Old Camp. Then, the player is thrown down into the barrier and is received well by the guards there.

With this intro the game starts...

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This is a continuation of previous Mission. But, in the between these two missions, El Cid die because of some disease. But, no one knows about El Cid's death. It was said that he was ill and cant come to battle field. So, the soldiers of El Cid fought the enemies thinking that El Cid is safely in the castle. Also, the El Cid's body placed in his horse outside the castle should come to no harm. Otherwise, the soldiers will know the truth and they will loose their morale and surely wont fight well.

This is a tough mission from the start to end. Particularly, assaulting Yusuf's base is very hard.

About El Cid's body, if the base of Valencia is protected well, then there will be no problem in protecting El Cid's body. I usually wont develop Navy, but in this game having a Navy is must. But, in the start I didnt develop my Navy. I concentrated on my ground units and economy. On game start itself, I attacked Black Guard Army, who is very near to Valencia. After a tough battle, I took out the Black Guard Army, but all my units were lost in the war.
aoe 2, age of empires 2, el cid, reconquista, screenshots

Then, I started to develop my economy and military parallely. Black Guard Navy and Yusuf's units were attacking Valencia frequently. But I holded them. After some time, they brought their Big Naval force and attacked all my buildings and wall near the shore. I even dont have my dock now. So, I moved my base slightly inside far from the shores.

After developing a good army, I attacked Black Guard Navy and defeated him. This is not a very tough war, but the next one, Yusuf, will be nightmare.

I now have a good economy and started developing my Navy. The moment I complete my first dock, they bring all the ships and attack my dock and razed it. So, I constructed a castle and then built three docks near it and then very quickly built and upgraded my ships with the Castle providing some defense for the docks. After my fleet is ready, I destroyed all their ships and destroyed a Tower in a island in the north east. Then, with my ships, I started attacking Yusuf's base near the shore. Also, i created a quick army and transported them to Yusuf's base along with my villagers.

Immediately after getting there, i built the military buildings there and started creating units. But, as new units are created, Yusuf keeps on destroying them. He also keeps on training new units. I even constructed some Keeps, but after a few seconds they are razed to dust. Stabilizing my units in Yusuf land was like a nightmare for me. But, after some hard time, I stabilized my military there and took out their units and buildings and finally defeated Yusuf and hence this game and the whole campaign.

With this game, El Cid campaign ends.

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There is a big statue at the entrance itself. Its hands are broken and there are four slots around its legs. On one of the slot, a golden bar is fixed and the other slots are empty. The objective of Lara in this area is to find the other three Golden Bars.
There are three doors in that room. Each room has some excellent puzzle and provides Lara with a Lead Bar.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, midas, palace, statue

In one of the room, the Lead Bar lies in a large pillar, but is inaccessible. Lara then finds a path underground where the pillar's supports are situated. Lara breaks all the three supports which makes the Lead bar to fall down and breaks the lower part of the pillar. Lara picks up the Lead Bar and goes to the room above and finds that the whole room is collapsed. There, she jumps through the ledges and broken pillars to get some medipacks and also she finds a way, in which lies the level to open one of the three doors at the Midas's Palace.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, midas, palace, central, pillar

Another is a Fire Room. This room has a pond at the bottom and is full of pillars spitting fire and some circular platforms which also spit fire at the center. Lara gets a Lead Bar in this room and finds an Artifact, Griffin-Head Protome. Actually, I found the level to get the artifact, which is under the last pillar. The mechanism goes as follows: When the Lara activates the level, the pillar above it rises and the artifact lies inside the pillar at the bottom. After some time, the pillar lowers and hides the artifact under the ground. For me, before Lara reaches there, the pillars gets lowered and I was unable to get that artifact. So, to get this artifact I referred a walkthrough and found that one of the pillar has a ring on it and Lara has to turn the pillar by using grapple on that ring. Then, only Lara gets enough time to reach that Artifact fast.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, midas, palace, fire, room, puzzle

The last one is a room full of moving pillars with spikes at the top of some pillars. There is a lever on one side, which when activated lifts all the pillars to top. But they goes down fast and Lara have to swiftly jump between the pillars to get the final Lead bar and in a recess in a wall, Lara finds another Artifact, Athenian Owl Figurine.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, midas, palace, puzzle

After getting all the three Lead bars, Lara comes to the main room of Midas's Palace. But, Lara is unable to place the lead bars on the empty slots. The trick is if you place the lead bars on the broken hands of the statue and press activate button, it turns into gold bar. So, convert all the lead bars into gold bars. If by mistake, Lara stands on the hand while activating, she turns into Gold and the game got over. After getting the gold bars, place them in the slots to open the gate under the water in a small pond.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, midas, palace, gold, accident

With these, Midas's Palace is completed and then Lara goes to Tomb of Tihocan through the underwater gate that just opened.

Click here to see the Level Statistics.

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Lara comes to a small room with a floor broken at a place. There is water under this room and Lara dives through the water and reaches another room, which leads to The Coliseum. On entering the Coliseum, Lara encounteres a few Gorillas. She kills them and then climbs the broken walls and pillars of the Coliseum to reach the Balcony. There is gate in the balcony, but its locked with a key. Lara activates a lever there to open a door below the balcony. When she was getting into that open door, suddenly two gorillas and 2 leopords appear. She fights them and goes inside and in there she finds the Balcony Key.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, gorilla, coliseum
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, coliseum, amazing, view

She comes back to the Balcony and open the Balcony Door, with the key she just obtained. In there is a ladder, to climb to the top of the Balcony. There are some awesome views of the whole Coliseum from the top of the Balcony. Lara uses her grapple to swing and get the adjacent broken platforms. On searching the ruined walls of Coliseum, Lara found a Dual 50 Caliber Pistols and also gets an artifact there.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, dual, 50, caliber, pistol

Then, she goes to the Main stage of Coliseum which has a staircase inside it. On going through that Lara goes to the next area, Midas's Palace.

Click here to see the Level Statistics.

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I played this scenario several times with the following settings. But all the time, I got only got Silver Medals.
Game Map: Heartland
Starting Year: 1850
Players: SaiYasodharan and one AI opponent
Company Name: Indian Railways
Financial Model: Expert
Industrial Model: Expert
Revenue Modifier: None for both
Difficulty Rating: 105%

For upto 5 years, I connected cities and hauled only passenger and mails. But, in that itself, I made a lot of profit and then I started my business on food industry with all the cattles and grains and bought up all the Food Industires.

In April 1963, my company, Indian Railways reached a Book Value of $20 million, which is the Criteria to get the Bronze and after a while Indian Railways crossed $40 million too to get the Silver.

But on January, 1975, when the game gets over, Indian Railways didnt reach the $80 million line and so I got Silver only.

Overall, this is a nice Map without having the mountains and ranges, which I hate the most.

Some Screenshots:
railroad, tycoon, 2, scenario, heartland, silver, finish
railroad, tycoon, 2, scenario, heartland, silver, finish

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This will be the toughest mission from the start to end. On game start, the Objective says "El Cid must once again find a new city in which to live"

While searching for the new City, El Cid comes to Denia. The people of Denia hand over their empire to El Cid and plead El Cid to save them from the attacks of Berenguer. They has some small number of Units and Buildings. But, soon a Big army of Berenguer starts attacking Denia. There is no way, El Cid could defend such a big attack. So, El Cid and his units flee away from there and they reach Lerida, which offers El Cid some Villagers. Even, Lerida also cant resist Bernguer's attacks. So, El Cid again flee to find another City.

Finally, El Cid reaches Valencia, which has some nice defense. On reaching Valencia, a new Objective appears, which says that "Defend Valencia from Berenguer until the Wonder is completed".

Valencia, builds a Wonder with ONLY two Builders. El Cid have to defend the wonder at all costs. From this moment, the toughest time starts. Berenguer keeps on sending his troops to attack the Wonder. Even, El Cid cant send his own Villagers to build the Wonder faster. Only their two Builders will build that.

Also, Lumber is very scarce in this area. There are only VERY FEW trees inside the walls. So, to get the wood, El Cid have to send his Lumberjacks outside the city walls. When, our villagers are working outside, Berenguer's knight kills them all. So, getting wood is THE HARDEST THING. Also, defending the Wonder is headache. The most frustrating units of Berenguer are the Bombard Cannons. Even the Trebuchets I kill with my knights, but the Bombard Cannons are very difficult to manage.

Since this mission is very hard to finish, I played this one 3 times and then only I completed this mission.

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This is a great mission and at the beginning playing is so hard. But once, you established your base well with decent army, then there will be no problem to finish this one.

Escort King Alfonso and El Cid to the new base, shown by a Knight. There wont be much resources inside the base. So, create many villagers and send them out to gather resources. Also, keep on developing your military units and defend the base from heavy attacks of the enemies. This will really be the toughest time.

All the time, keep exploring for resources as they are scattered around. The Objective now is to Destroy 6 Black Guard Docks.

To the south west of our base, there will be a wonder, named Black Guard Mosque. On exploring, a new optional objective appears, which tells to bring El Cid to the mosque. On bringing El Cid, it will tell to bring a Monk there, so that they will teach all the Monk Upgrades to us for free. So, bring a monk there and he takes time to learn the upgrades. Let the monk stand there and you start building your Military. The monk will slowly learn all the Temple Upgrades one by one.

Once the strong army is created which includes good siege weapons, especially Trebuchets, winning the match becomes easier.

After this point, bring all your army and start attacking your enemies. Remember, the mission is only to destroy the 6 docks. So, there is no need to wipe all the enemy buildings. Concentrate all your attacks towards the docks and you can easily win.

age of empires 2, aoe 2, screenshots, game, el cid, black guards, objective

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As I wont be getting Internet Connection in my home, I decided to quit Last Chaos, which I was not playing for the past two months because of no Internet Connectivity in my home. I got some precious items and 800 million in gold, which are useless now. So, I gave all the precious items I got and 400 million to my friend Sairam, who is playing LC now. Also, I gave 400 million to FluffyBunny of my guild. He is really a cool guy and also he helped me transfer items to Sairam. The items i gave to sairam are

I am missing my LC a lot. Hope I will get a chance to play it again.

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First I went into the door, Poseidon. It has an excellent water puzzle, in which Lara have to bring a wooden piece to the second floor. Initially the wooded piece is locked inside a gate under the floor. There are two cubes which when pushed near the mouth of dolphin statue, reduces the water level in the room. When the cubes are moved away from the castle, the water level is raised. By adjusting the water level, and moving the wooden piece, Lara gets the Blue Poseidon key and also, she gets an artifact in here.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, st. francis folly, poseidon
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, st. francis folly, poseidon

Then, I went into Atlas door. In there is a narrow path, which elevates as its goes inside. At the far side is a statue holding a big globe, with two switches at its back. On both the sides of the path near the center, there is a ledge which leads to the platform above. The key is kept below the statue. But, the way is blocked by sharp spikes. On shooting the buttons behind the statue, the sharp spikes go in. But, the big globe on the statue's hand looses and rolls down. Lara escapes it, gets the Green Atlas key and also a Artifact. With these, Atlas is over.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, st. francis folly, atlas

On entering Hephaestus, Lara sees many buttons arranged in rows and columns on the floor. These buttons move up and down and the ceiling there is a electric globe, which electrifies the buttons at the bottom randomly. On pressing the four elevated buttons, the next gate opens. Inside there, Lara finds and places three Statues to open the gate guarding the Hephaestus key. She gets it and goes out. Lara also finds an artifact in here.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, st. francis folly, hephaestus

Next and the final one is Damocles. I wasted almost an hour in Damocles. Once Lara went in, the Key is kept open without any protection or any obstacles in the way. Lara directly goes and takes the Damocles key. But, the moment she takes the key, a dozen swords fall from the ceiling around Lara. So, she have to quickly scroll from there after taking the key. Also, the exit door is locked after Lara took the key. Lara then gets an artifact here. In this place, Lara have to swing using a rope and while swinging itself, she have to jump against the wall to catch a pillar. I never thought that such moves could be performed. So, I tried many things for almost an hour and got really frustrated. Then, my friend S. P. Karthikeyan told me to do such move. I said him it was impossible. But, he insisted me to try that. So, I tried that move and to surprise, it worked. I must mention here, a Big thanks to S. P. Karthikeyan for helping me out in this issue. Then, Lara goes out of Damocles.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, st. francis folly, damocles
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, st. francis folly, damocles

Now Lara has all the four keys and opens all the locks at the bottom and then the main door gets opened. With this, this area St. Francis Folly gets over. In this area, there are total of 6 artifacts. But, I got only 5 of them.

Click here to see the Level Statistics.

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Lara is now in Greece. After the investigation done in Natla Technologies, she found that the next piece of Scion is in Greece at St. Francis Folly. So, to get that she comes here.

On entering there, Lara fights two dogs. Then she climbs the pillars there and jumps from pillar to pillar and finally comes to the place, where there in a painting of a warrior in the wall with shootable points all over his body.

Shooting some series of points will unlock various gates. The first thing is to shoot the two points as shown here, to open the gate there and to find the next shootable points.
tomb raider, anniversary, screenshot, lara, greece, st. francis folly, points, shoot

Shooting at the following points of the painting will open the small gate guarding the Ninth artifact. After shooting go to the left side, where Lara came from jump the two platforms and get the Ninth Artifact.
tomb raider, anniversary, screenshot, lara, greece, st. francis folly, points, shoot

On shooting the above points, it will open the side gate, jump through that and Lara will now find the next series of points which will open the gate directly opposite to that artwork. The points to open that gate is shown here:
tomb raider, anniversary, screenshot, lara, greece, st. francis folly, points, shoot

Lara goes into the gate and finds a Globe which is fixed. Lara then removes two metal rings at two opposite sides of the globe, which makes the Globe movable. Lara pushes the Globe down and move it over a round button at the center of the hall. This opens the gate at the top. Climb the pillars and go inside the opened gate. There, Lara will find a level which opens the lower gate.
tomb raider, anniversary, screenshot, lara, greece, st. francis folly, awesome, beautiful, picture, photo

On going through Lara comes to place with a U shaped platform and broken pillars of great height beneath that, with SO MANY mechanisms all around the wall and also four doors with the names Atlas, Poseidon, Hephaestus and Damocles. This is very big puzzle, so I write about that in the next post.

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