Tomb Raider - Peru: Mountain Caves

I very eagerly started this game and have no patience to watch the Cinematics. I skipped all the Cinematics and started playing straight away. In exploring the game area, I think Lara is very skilled than my favourite Prince in Prince of Persia. But for me, Prince is THE BEST.

tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, start
In the game start, Lara stands near the Entrance of Mountain caves in Peru, separated from her Guide. Lara then jumps through the rocks and reach the Gate above there. But the gate is locked and her Guide have no clue about opening the Gate. So, she again jumps through the rocks there and presses a yellow button directly above the big gate.

Then, a scene appears, in which the big Gate opens and a pack of wolves come out and kills Lara's guide, followed by some action stunts performed by Lara. She, finishes all the wolves and goes into the Gate.

She carefully crosses a narrow path with Sharp Darts shooting out from the small openings in the wall. After that, she comes to a place, which has a small staircase. In that area lies the First Artifact of Mountain Caves in Peru.

tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, first, artifact
After getting the Artifact, Lara proceed, shoots some small number of bats and goes to a place which has the Second Artifact of Mountain Caves.

tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, second, artifact
From there, She opens a door and goes through that. There is a rope hanging from the wall, which Lara have to cross. But, below the rope is a small pit, with a Giant Bear. Lara kills this Bear and on searching this place finds the Third Artifact in Peru Mountain Caves.

tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, third artifact
On proceeding, she comes to the final place of Peru: Mountain Caves. But the exit gate is blocked by some big Locks. Lara have to cross a path with Darts shooting out from the walls to go near the Gate. To the left of the gate, there is a small ledge. Lara climbs up through that ledge and pushes down a large Door Lock weight, which unlocks the left side of the Gate. Then shortly, she kills some wolves and pushes another Door Lock weight in the right side. But, this has to be done fast, otherwise, before unlocking the second lock, first one locks itself. After unlocking both the Door locks, Lara presses the button on the floor to open the Gate.

tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, peru, mountain, cave
But, before going into the gate, She climbs the left ledge again and perform some tricks to climb to the top where she gets the Relic, Killer Whale Bottle.

tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, relic, killer, whale, bottle, first
Then, Lara goes down and goes into the opened gate to go to the next area, City of Vilcabamba

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