Gothic 1: Extensive Hunting with Great Surprises

My strength is now 70, but I got only 26 damage weapon, which requires 13 Strength to handle. So, I need to get a best weapon that utilized all my Strength. So, what I did is beaten a Guard in Old camp and took his weapon. It was a 36 damage weapon, not what I expected, but better than what I had before. I want a better weapon that this, So, I fought Fletcher and took his weapon. His weapon does not even have 36 damage, it was lesser than that.

Then, I went to Arena and fought Kirgo and won. Even Kirgo's weapon was not so good. I informed Scatty, that I had beaten Kirgo and he gave me some Experience.

The search for a good weapon led me to Swamp Camp, where I killed a Templar and took his weapon, which has 70 damage and required 42 strength. This is a great weapon for me now and also this is a two handed weapon.

Then, I helped Ghorim by sending Harlok to take care of Ghorim's work and thus relieving Ghorim from his 24 X 7 work. It was very late night and everyone went into their houses and slept. So, again I started hunting. But, this time I went on to kill some big things like BloodHound. Bloodhound was killed by me in 2 hits with the new powerful sword, but I could take only one hit from it. For the second hit, I was dead. So, I killed them carefully one by one.

On the way, I found a golem and tried to attack it. But my blades are not enough for the Golem to take damage. I think it can only be beaten with some special Sword. So, I continued hunting Bloodhounds and I levelled up to level 8. Then, I fought some Orc Hunters and returned back to Swamp Camp.

Helping Ghorim made Baal Orun to speak to me. Baal Orun called me and gave me a mission to get 100 swamp weed from the harversters and give it to Cor Kalom. I roamed around the swamp and got 50 swamp weed from Balor and another 50 from Viran. Then, I went to Cor Kalom's place and gave the 100 swamp weeds to him. Suddenly, Dexter's mission came to my mind and so I asked Cor Kalom about the receipe. He didnt gave a positive reply. So, I opened his chest and took the receipe, but he didnt noticed me.

Then, again I went back to hunting. On the way to Old Camp from Swamp Camp, there is a bridge at the left. On crossing that bridge, very large number of Black goblins can be seen. Their count may go upto 30. I killed them all and levelled up to 9. Then, I went into the Orc Land and fought a number of Orc Dogs and the Orcs itself, which includes Orc Hunter, Orc Warrior and much more.
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If I wanted to join any camp and finish the game, I can do it fast. But, I wanted to build my character with the best stats and make him Invincible even before joining any camp. I may not get decent armors before joining the camp, but I could make the Offence to the best and I am doing it now.


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