AOE 2: Montezuma: Reign of Blood

This story starts because of the forecasting of Montezuma's Priests. They predict that the God Quetzalcoatl might return from his exile. So, Montezuma order their soldiers to capture 4 shrines that are sacred to Quetzalcoatl and place a Relic in each of them.

In the progress of developing the Aztecs, they got a number of enemies who will surely oppose the capturing of the shrines. So, Montezuma have to capture and hold all the four shrines from their enemies.

My Scouts says that Tlatiluco is a small empire and can be dealt with early. Then Tepanaca is the next one with a castle and some decent base. The dangerous one is Xochimilco, who train Scorpions and archers. But I played in a very different order and took out Tepanaca first, then Xochimilco and finally Tlatiluco.

I wasted nearly an hour and half, to develop my base because of poor planning. I just built a keep in my base and trained very few Skirmishers and concentrated fully of developing my economy and doing all the researches. The little defense I had was enough to hold my base from Tlatiluco and Tepanaca's attack. After a while, Xochimilco brought his big army to attack me and he almost succeeded. Most of my buildings are flattened and all my defense was out. This all happened just because of their bloody Scorpions. Then only I realised the need for a well defense and built a Castle and two Keeps around the town center. This was enough for me to hold my enemies attacks.
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Then I developed a big army full of Skirmishers and Jaguar Warriors and 5 Battering Rams for sieging. Then, I went into the lands of Tepanaca and built a Castle there, which took out all their Military units. Then, with my Battering Rams I razed their buildings and defeated them.

From there I marched towards Xochimilco's lands and on the way found a shrine. I captured it and built a Castle near it for its defense. I also trained a few monks to heal my Units and then attacked Xochimilco and took him out and then I defeated Tlatiluco with ease.

Then captured all the shrines and accomplished this mission. I wasted so much time in the start, and hence this game took me approximately three and half hour to complete.


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