Tomb Raider - Peru: The Lost Valley

This is a FANTASTIC and Big area with nice sceneries and some GREAT fight. The overall Objective is very simple, but it takes much time and skill to complete. The exit path is behind the water falls, that lies at the start. But since, the water is flowing at high speed, Lara cant enter exit way. So, Lara have to activate and close the Dam above, to get the path.

tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, lost, valley, third, cog

To, close the path, She has to activate the mechanism at the side, which requires 3 Cog.
1. One Cog lies left to the Pond at the start, where Lara fights two wolves.
2. Another Cog lies up the hill, where the waterfall originates. Go uphill along the river's side. The place where Lara gets the Cog, there will be a level. Activate it to open the gate underwater, within which the second Relic (Kero Mug) lies. But, Lara cant get that Relic now, because of the fast stream of water.
3. Getting the final Cog brings in great adventurous fun. On the way, Lara gets her Fifth Artifact. This artifact lies in a small recess in the wall, where she fights a bear. Then, She goes into a big grassland, where Lara encounters a number of small Dinosaurs. After killing 6 of them, a T-Rex comes, which is a Boss monster. T-Rex has two meters. One is its Health Meter and other is its Rage meter. On continuous shooting, its Rage meter fills up and when it reaches its maximum, T-Rex charges towards you. With perfect timing, Lara escapes from T-Rex and give it a Head Shot. Also, Lara have to stand in a way such that, T-Rex have to bang its head in the big Spiked woods, which will make a massive damage to the T-Rex. By repeating the above steps, Lara defeats the T-Rex. Once defeated, T-Rex breaks the platform near, which allows Lara to get in there and get the third Cog.

Fighting T-Rex:
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, t-rex, fight, lost, valley
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, t-rex, fight, lost, valley

After getting the Cog, Lara roams through the Lost Valley, where she finds the Sixth Artifact. After a short while, she goes to the starting place of Lost Valley and fixes all the three Cogs in their place, which locks the dam and reveals the exit path behind the waterfall.

But wait, dont go in there fast. Lara has to get her 2nd Relic here. Climb up the fall and jump into the water. Now, go to the place, where Lara opened a gate while she gets her second Cog. Swim thorugh and Lara finds her 2nd Relic(Kero Mug) there.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, relic, second, kero, mug, lost, valley

Now, come back and exit The Lost Valley.

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