Gothic 1: Chosen my Path as Mercenaries

I am in New Camp now and I gave the List of Faith to Lares. Because of my loyality to New Camp, Lares admitted me as a Rogue. Then, he edited the list of faith and gave it to me and told me to return it to Diego. The plan is to rob the supplies, while they are en route to the Old Mine.

I came out of Lares room as a Rogue, wearing Rogue's armor. My stat screen at this point is shown below:
gothic, 1, game, stat, screen, screenshot

My main mission here is to deliver the letter from outside world to Magicians of Fire in Old Camp. So, I approached Cronos and told him about the letter. He gave me an Amulet, which is a pass to get into the Castle in the Old Camp. Also, he gave me another letter and told me to deliver it to the Magicians of Fire. Then, I spoke to Lee and when I told him that I wanted to join them because "I wanted freedom from the very beginning", he admitted me as a Mercenary.
gothic, 1, game, join, mercenary, new, camp, lee

Then, I went back to the Old Camp and gave the List of faith to Diego. Then, I went into the Castle wearing the Amulet provided by Cronos and gave the two letters, one from outside world and other from Cronos, to the Magician Milten. For delivering the letter, Torrez offered me a Strength Ring reward. In one of the building inside the Castle, I met guy named Bullit. He was speaking shit, so I fought him and took all the items he had, which included 800 Ore.

Then, I went to Swamp Camp to find more about the big thing the Brotherhood is planning. There, I met Lester. He told me to meet Y'Berion immediately for a big thing. With that, Chapter 2 of the game starts.


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