Gothic 1: Beaten Lefty and Rice Lord

I sold some of the trophies taken from animals and gave lares 400 Ore as the profit got from selling Isidro's weeds. But, actually, I didnt sold them all. Then, I increased my strength with the skill points I got from last level up. Then, I slept in my hut in New Camp, woke up next morning and went to Rice Lord'd farm with the idea of fighting Lefty.

On nearing Lefty, he wantedly called me and started the fight. The moment, I hit lefty once, Rice Lord came to kill me. I quickly beaten lefty and hit Rice Lord too. So, from now on, Lefty wont be a threat to me.

gothic, 1, game, new, camp, lefty, beat, kill, fight

At this point of the game, i was tired of running from Camp to Camp, which is very boring. So, I decided to use a cheat to spawn Potion of Velocity, which will increse the running speed.

Then, I started an extensive hunting session. I killed Snappers, Lurkers, Lizards, Wolves and much more and got levelled up. Even I tried to kill Bloodhound, but they are very tough for me now.
gothic, 1, game, new, camp, hunt, snapper, hunting, kill


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