Gothic 1: Old Camp Raid Part 1

I went to Old Camp and fought everyone there. It was really a great fun. First, I fought all the Diggers and Shadows and Guards in the Old Camp outside the Castle, except few like Diego, Thorus, etc., Because, they cant be hurt, whatever weapon you use. They are designed in the game itself like that. Then, I went inside the castle and fought everyone there, including all the magicians, guards and named NPC's like Raven, but cant kill those two NPC's in Gomez room. I may have fought them, but it would have required some game loads and I am not in a mood to do that. So, I let them free now, but will surely KILL them the next time. In fact, from the experience I got in the Raid, I gained 2 levels and leveled up to level 15. Now, in the Old Camp, 95% of the people wont be having their weapon and all their Inventories were emptied by me.

gothic, 1, game, old, camp, raid, raven, fight, kill

gothic, 1, game, old, camp, raid, mage, magician, fire, fight, kill


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