Gothic 1

Gothic is the best and my favourite Role Playing Game. Actually, Gothic is the first RPG game in my gaming life. But, the first game I played is Gothic 2, then only I played Gothic 1. I played Oblivion too. But, even Oblivion cant even stand near Gothic when it comes to the game plot.

I played and completed this game before, but I am going to play this game again. When we compare in-game features, class customization, items and many other things, Gothic is a crap when compared to other RPG games like Oblivion. But I love Gothic beacause of its Story and because of it Unique fighting mechanism.

As the saying goes, "First Impression is the Best Impression", Gothic will remain my favourite RPG game, whatever great ultimate RPG games I see and play.

Game Setting:
The game takes place in a medieval fantasy realm in which humans are fighting a losing war against the Orcs, a humanoid race. In order to fight back, the king needs to extract magical ore from mines, which can be used to forge more powerful weapons. Therefore he decides to send every man who has committed a crime to the ore mines.
To prevent the convicts from escaping he orders his 12 most powerful magicians to erect a magical dome over the mining colony. However, the Barrier goes out of control and grows large enough to cover the entire valley, trapping the magicians inside, and giving the convicts a chance to kill the distracted guards and take control over the colony. The king is thus forced to come to an agreement with the prisoners, trading goods for ore.

gothic, barrier, creation, 1
Creation of Barrier

Soon after, the convicts separate into three different groups: the Old Camp which controls trading with the king, the New Camp which refuses to trade the ore they mine, and instead plan to use its magical power to blow up the Barrier, and the Brotherhood, whose members believe in a god called the Sleeper which will help them escape from the colony. The magicians that created the Barrier also divided; they formed the Fire Mages, who joined the Old Camp, and the Water Mages, who joined the New Camp.

Game Start:
The Player, of unknown name and background, is sent into the Valley of Mines as a convict to work in the mines. Just when he is about to thrown into the Barrier, a Magician comes and gives a letter to the the Player and asks him to deliver the letter to a Magicians of Fire in Old Camp. Then, the player is thrown down into the barrier and is received well by the guards there.

With this intro the game starts...


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