Tomb Raider: Egypt: Sanctuary of the Scion

Lara goes through the opened door. Inside she fights two mummies and have to solve a puzzle to open the path.
The puzzle is to make the diagrams in the rotating colums to match the diagrams in the wall. To match that, rotate the first left column twice and rotate the diagonally opposite column twice. This will make the center square to rise. Climb that square and proceed. Lara will come to a big room with a Sphinx in it.
There is a small door at the belly of the Sphinx, which requires two Ankh Keys to open.
On the sides of room, there are 2 doors which leads to place, where Ankh keys are kept. But, to go near that doors itself, Lara have to climb the walls and jump so many ledges. And on the top of the head of the Sphinx is the last weapon, Dual Mini SMG.
Lara takes the Gun and goes through one of the door. There is a mechanism which must be activated to proceed. The mechanism is as follows:
The room is square in shape with a pillar at the center hanging from top to center. And there are four pillars at the bottom of the room, placed in a square shape. There are four movable vertical platforms in the wall, which when activated, slides down and get locked and raises one of the four pillar. And the room is full of water in the bottom.
Similarly, all the four pillar have to be raised and the top central pillar must be lowered, so that Light from a window falls in all the pillars and opens the door to Ankh key. Lara takes the Ankh key and goes out to Sphinx room.
The other room also have the same mechanism and provides Lara with an Ankh key.
With both the Ankh keys Lara opens the Sphinx door and goes in. In there is a very large room, with two giant similar statues and fully filled with water. To solve a part of a puzzle in this room, the insects orientation must be kept as shown in the picture by shooting and rotating them.

Lara solves all the puzzles here and proceeds through another door. This is the last room in the Sanctuary of the Scion and also the place where the last Scion is kept. Also, there is an artifact in this room.
There are giant pillars in this room, with ledges on them and the Scion is kept in a small room after this, but locked with gate. On the sides of that gate are two platforms with a hole in the shape of Scion. Lara places both the Scions in that holes. This opens the gate and Lara proceeds and takes the third and final Scion.
On taking the Scion, Lara gets her usual dream and in this dream only it is revealed that Natla is the one coming in her dreams with wings, who is the queen of Atlantis.
Suddenly, Natla and her minions appear and attacks Lara. They then take out all her weapons and the Scion and try to kill her. But, Lara escapes from them and dives into the water and in a tight action packed scene she beautifully catches their boat and with this Sanctuary of the Sction gets over.


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