POP - SOT: Honor and Glory

While explaining everything to Farah, Vizier comes and the final Battle begins. Now, the Prince cant direcly attack the Vizier. Vizier will create a clone of his own and Prince have to defeat the Clone. After killing the Clone, Vizier again creates another one. Again, after killing it, he creates one more. But, this is the last one. After defeating the third Clone, Vizier becomes Vulnerable and dies in one single shot. With this the game ends, but not the love story of Prince and Farah.

At this point of time, the whole game is just a tale and nothing happened. So, everything that just happened is only in the minds of Prince. So, Farah has no love for Prince and she thanks her for returning the Treasure. But she didnt trust the Prince's story.

So, the Prince decided to leave her alone and go back. At that time, Farah asks Prince his name. Prince says "Kaakuluukiaaa", which is the name known only to Farah and her Mother. Farah told this name to Prince during the game once.

Then, the game ends without concluding the Romance stoty of Prince and Farah.

Honor and Glory!!!

prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, farah
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, vizier, climax, fight, end


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