AOE 2: El Cid: Reconquista

This is a continuation of previous Mission. But, in the between these two missions, El Cid die because of some disease. But, no one knows about El Cid's death. It was said that he was ill and cant come to battle field. So, the soldiers of El Cid fought the enemies thinking that El Cid is safely in the castle. Also, the El Cid's body placed in his horse outside the castle should come to no harm. Otherwise, the soldiers will know the truth and they will loose their morale and surely wont fight well.

This is a tough mission from the start to end. Particularly, assaulting Yusuf's base is very hard.

About El Cid's body, if the base of Valencia is protected well, then there will be no problem in protecting El Cid's body. I usually wont develop Navy, but in this game having a Navy is must. But, in the start I didnt develop my Navy. I concentrated on my ground units and economy. On game start itself, I attacked Black Guard Army, who is very near to Valencia. After a tough battle, I took out the Black Guard Army, but all my units were lost in the war.
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Then, I started to develop my economy and military parallely. Black Guard Navy and Yusuf's units were attacking Valencia frequently. But I holded them. After some time, they brought their Big Naval force and attacked all my buildings and wall near the shore. I even dont have my dock now. So, I moved my base slightly inside far from the shores.

After developing a good army, I attacked Black Guard Navy and defeated him. This is not a very tough war, but the next one, Yusuf, will be nightmare.

I now have a good economy and started developing my Navy. The moment I complete my first dock, they bring all the ships and attack my dock and razed it. So, I constructed a castle and then built three docks near it and then very quickly built and upgraded my ships with the Castle providing some defense for the docks. After my fleet is ready, I destroyed all their ships and destroyed a Tower in a island in the north east. Then, with my ships, I started attacking Yusuf's base near the shore. Also, i created a quick army and transported them to Yusuf's base along with my villagers.

Immediately after getting there, i built the military buildings there and started creating units. But, as new units are created, Yusuf keeps on destroying them. He also keeps on training new units. I even constructed some Keeps, but after a few seconds they are razed to dust. Stabilizing my units in Yusuf land was like a nightmare for me. But, after some hard time, I stabilized my military there and took out their units and buildings and finally defeated Yusuf and hence this game and the whole campaign.

With this game, El Cid campaign ends.

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