AOE 2: El Cid: King of Valencia

This will be the toughest mission from the start to end. On game start, the Objective says "El Cid must once again find a new city in which to live"

While searching for the new City, El Cid comes to Denia. The people of Denia hand over their empire to El Cid and plead El Cid to save them from the attacks of Berenguer. They has some small number of Units and Buildings. But, soon a Big army of Berenguer starts attacking Denia. There is no way, El Cid could defend such a big attack. So, El Cid and his units flee away from there and they reach Lerida, which offers El Cid some Villagers. Even, Lerida also cant resist Bernguer's attacks. So, El Cid again flee to find another City.

Finally, El Cid reaches Valencia, which has some nice defense. On reaching Valencia, a new Objective appears, which says that "Defend Valencia from Berenguer until the Wonder is completed".

Valencia, builds a Wonder with ONLY two Builders. El Cid have to defend the wonder at all costs. From this moment, the toughest time starts. Berenguer keeps on sending his troops to attack the Wonder. Even, El Cid cant send his own Villagers to build the Wonder faster. Only their two Builders will build that.

Also, Lumber is very scarce in this area. There are only VERY FEW trees inside the walls. So, to get the wood, El Cid have to send his Lumberjacks outside the city walls. When, our villagers are working outside, Berenguer's knight kills them all. So, getting wood is THE HARDEST THING. Also, defending the Wonder is headache. The most frustrating units of Berenguer are the Bombard Cannons. Even the Trebuchets I kill with my knights, but the Bombard Cannons are very difficult to manage.

Since this mission is very hard to finish, I played this one 3 times and then only I completed this mission.

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