Gothic 1: Strength hit 100 and Troll Hunt

I am now level 10. With the skill points I earned during the extensive hunting, I made my strength to its maximum possible limit 100. After that also, I had 11 skill points remaining, so I increased my Dexterity to 20.

Then, I went to the New Mine, spoke to all the people there. But there are no big missions there. Then, again I went for hunting and in the process I met a Troll. Its in the plains above where Drax stands. At the bottom of the plain, where Drax stands, there are few Scavengers. When we proceed up, we can see a number of Scavengers and at the top there are a large number of Black Goblins, where the Troll is sitting.

I never thought I could beat that troll. But, I cant go away without trying. So, I attacked the troll and it took only very few damage from my hits, but as I was continuosly hitting, it was not able to hit me. It tries to hit me, but before that my sword hits it. So, it stops it attack and backup. So, it didnt hit me at all and I took out after hitting around 25 shots.

Then, I went to Old Camp and finished the small remaining missions which includes
Dexter's mission to get Cor Kalom's Receipe.
Fought Kharim in Arena and beat him.
Made Sharky as Fisk's fence.
Returned Nek's Amulet to Sly.

With this I finished all the missions in Old Camp required to join Old Camp as Shadow. If I gave the list of faith to Diego, then he would admit me to the Old Camp. But, the last time I played Gothic 1, I joined Old Camp only. So, this time I decided to join New Camp and went to New Camp.


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