Tomb Raider: Greece: The Coliseum

Lara comes to a small room with a floor broken at a place. There is water under this room and Lara dives through the water and reaches another room, which leads to The Coliseum. On entering the Coliseum, Lara encounteres a few Gorillas. She kills them and then climbs the broken walls and pillars of the Coliseum to reach the Balcony. There is gate in the balcony, but its locked with a key. Lara activates a lever there to open a door below the balcony. When she was getting into that open door, suddenly two gorillas and 2 leopords appear. She fights them and goes inside and in there she finds the Balcony Key.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, gorilla, coliseum
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, coliseum, amazing, view
She comes back to the Balcony and open the Balcony Door, with the key she just obtained. In there is a ladder, to climb to the top of the Balcony. There are some awesome views of the whole Coliseum from the top of the Balcony. Lara uses her grapple to swing and get the adjacent broken platforms. On searching the ruined walls of Coliseum, Lara found a Dual 50 Caliber Pistols and also gets an artifact there.
tomb raider, anniversary, game, lara, screenshot, greece, dual, 50, caliber, pistol

Then, she goes to the Main stage of Coliseum which has a staircase inside it. On going through that Lara goes to the next area, Midas's Palace.

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