Gothic 1: Chapter 2: The Minecrawlers Nest

In Swamp Camp, I met Y'Berion. He said he sent Nyras to get a focus stone, which is an ancient powerful artifact that was used to create the barrier. He also said that the barrier could be broken with the help of that focus stone. But, Nyras didnt return with that focus stone. So, Y'Berion told me to checkout what happened to Nyras and bring focus Stone as soon as possible.

I went and found Nyras in the mountains to the left of Swamp Camp. Nyras went mad and was speaking shit. So, I killed him and took the focus stone from him. Then, I went back to Swamp camp and gave the focus stone to Y'Berion. Y'Berion appreciated me and told me to give the focus stone to Cor Kalom. Then, I went to Cor Kalom home and gave the focus stone to him. Cor Kalom then instructed me to go the old mine and get some special kind of Minecrawler mandibles to create a special secretion.
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Then, I went for hunting into the Orc Land. After hunting the Orcs, Snappers, Orc Dogs for some time, I leveled up to level 13. Now, I have 30 skill points required to learn Two Handed Sword Skill. So, I went to New Camp and learned Two Handed Sword Skill level 1 from Lee. Then, I spoke with lares who forwarded me to Gorn. I met Gorn and he gave me my share from the loot of supply to the Old Mine.

Then, I went to Old Mine, but it was closed. I dont know what to do. I tried operating the winch there, but nothing happened. I wasted much time trying and got very frustrated. So, to relax my self, I went for hunting again. I killed a ShadowBeast and after some time of hunting, I leveld up again to level 14.


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