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The first chapter "Welcome to the Colony", after the scenes and big Conversation with diego.

After speaking with Diego, I proceeded to the Old Camp and on the way I found a Pick Axe. With that, I fought and killed all the creatures in the way, which included Mole Rat and Juvenile Scavenger. Also, I got an Old Sword which was better than the Pick Axe. So, I equipped that Old Sword.

After running through the path, I crossed a small Bridge, guarded by Bridge Guards and went to Old Camp. In the Old Camp, I spoke to Thorus, who said that he would help me to join Gomez people, if I was able to get rid of Mordrag. Also, Diego gave me the Test of Fire, which is to get a list from Old Mine.

Then I spoke to no one and came out of the camp and started hunting. I hunted down all the Scavengers and Mole Rats around the Castle and in the process I levelled up twice and also I got Nek's Amulet, which gives 5 weapon Protection and required to complete a mission later. Then, I returned to Old Camp.

With the 20 skill points, I increased my Strength by 20 with the help of Diego. Then, I got the Whistler's Sword mission and got the sword from Fisk. But, I decided to keep the Sword with me for a while. Then, I got the Receipe Mission from Dexter.

gothic, 1, game, hunting, scavenger

Posted by Saiyasodharan R Saturday, August 22, 2009


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