AOE 2: El Cid: Black Guards

This is a great mission and at the beginning playing is so hard. But once, you established your base well with decent army, then there will be no problem to finish this one.

Escort King Alfonso and El Cid to the new base, shown by a Knight. There wont be much resources inside the base. So, create many villagers and send them out to gather resources. Also, keep on developing your military units and defend the base from heavy attacks of the enemies. This will really be the toughest time.

All the time, keep exploring for resources as they are scattered around. The Objective now is to Destroy 6 Black Guard Docks.

To the south west of our base, there will be a wonder, named Black Guard Mosque. On exploring, a new optional objective appears, which tells to bring El Cid to the mosque. On bringing El Cid, it will tell to bring a Monk there, so that they will teach all the Monk Upgrades to us for free. So, bring a monk there and he takes time to learn the upgrades. Let the monk stand there and you start building your Military. The monk will slowly learn all the Temple Upgrades one by one.

Once the strong army is created which includes good siege weapons, especially Trebuchets, winning the match becomes easier.

After this point, bring all your army and start attacking your enemies. Remember, the mission is only to destroy the 6 docks. So, there is no need to wipe all the enemy buildings. Concentrate all your attacks towards the docks and you can easily win.

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