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FEAR - Plot

SPOILER ALERT !!! - This post explains in detail the plot of FEAR game and thus contains major spoilers.
The player is an operative in the FEAR(First Encounter Assault Recoon) team. The game starts with the players being debriefed by the FEAR operatives. The mission summary goes as this: There is a psychic commander named, Paxton Fettel, who is capable of controlling an army of super soldiers telepathically.

I am dropped in one of the buildings of Armacham facility with the mission to find Fettel. Shortly after the mission starts, all my team memebers were killed by some super-natural powers and I am left alone to pursue the mission. I roam through the haunted buildings of Armacham in search of Fettel, killing all the super soldiers on my way, meeting Fettel in both reality and some altered dimension, a dream.

Worst part is the creepy environment, the lively BGM and the terrific encounters with the creepy little girl, Alma. The game will really make anyone go insane. For me, I cant pl…

FEAR - Retaliation

I found another big vault opening door and came out the facility, where I got orders from Betters to get as far from the facility as possible.

I had some creepy encounter with Alma and in one encounter I was forced to shoot her. But, I suspect my bullets will do any harm to her. The whole place is blowing apart and I am literally running for my life. Those monsters from hell are spawning everywhere and slowing me down, but nothing can stop me.

I came out of the facility alive and witnessed a worst incident, a big terrible explosion at the heart of the Auburn District. Later I was saved by my friends and we are going in the chopper, where I witnessed another totally unexpected nightmare. With that the game ends.

The ending is very cool, with full of twists. As in other games, there is no boss monster to fight with, but this ending is 100% appropriate and suits the plot. I will start playing the expansion packs soon. Before that I will write another post on the plot of this game, after…

FEAR - Revelation

I just now arrived inside the vault. There is a cool looking orb floating in front of me.

As expected, I am having creepy dream sequences with Fettel in it. This time, Fettel let me know a big secret and I never thought things will go like this. Unexpected, but interesting. On the end of the dream sequence, I am wiped out of my weapons and Fettel and Alice are found dead in front of me. I am not sure, whether it is for real and just an illusion.

On proceeding a litle, I found 3 soldiers, but they are standing still without any motion. I went close to them and touched them, but still no response. Maybe Fettel is really dead and now no one to control those soldiers, so they are now acting like unplugged robots.

I found a laptop with a video recording of Wade, where she described more about Alma. He ended his speech with a cool line. Here it is, "It is the way of men to make monsters. And it is the nature of monsters to destroy their makers". Its a very cool quote and fits exa…

FEAR - Incursion

I am at some Armacham Research facility, which is filled with ATC guards and Fettel's telepathic soldiers. The more deeper I go, the more things made sense through laptops, videos, etc., I met my old friend Mapes doing some mischieves as usual.

After some long search, I found the big entrance to the vault and a scene between Harlan Wade and Mapes, in which Mapes was shot. Harlan Wade enters the vault and sealed it by divering the power supplies to vault. Now, to open the vault, I need to bring back power to the vault doors.

I went through the whole facility and activated four power rods and came back to the entrance of the vault, where Mapes told his last words. He wants me to blow up the vault, by damaging the reactor cells in some power generator. I dont know if I can trust him. Anyway, Vault is just a few steps ahead and I am already freaked out. But, I am not quitting now, lets see.

FEAR - Desolation

This interval starts with a chopper ride, where we are headed to Rammelmeier Industrial compound in Auburn. It was found that there is an underground complex in there and that place is somehow linked with the so called Project Origin. Also, that place is shut down for years because of some unknown reasons. On our way, as usual, our chopper was shot and we fell down in the middle. My mates were pretty badly injured and I am to proceed alone.

I proceeded all alone through the old ruined building, killing the hostiles on my way. After going a long way, in one place, I saw Fettel holding Alice's neck and the image ran away. And I had a very disturbing dream sequence with Alma. Those dream sequences are very intense, long and very creepy now, when compared to past.

I searched the whole of Auburn District, with a number of encounters with the heavily armored soldiers and Alma. I finally found an elevator. With a creepy vision in an elevator, this interval ends.

Still I didnt found the …

FEAR - Redirection

Now I am a bit closer to Alice Wade and is now going to enter the Executive Building. This executive building is soo creepy, that Alma even shows up in TV monitors. Without much trouble I reached a place, which is supposed to be the office of Alice Wade. But no one is there, and the place is shattered into pieces. I wonder what happened to her. Anyways, I continued my pursuit for her.

The damn lift is broken and I am forced to use the ladders inside. After searching the executive building thoroughly, with some creepy encounters and gun fights in between, I found Alice Wade locked up in her father's office. I freed her and now I am to escort her to the top for evac.

At one point, we are separated and in front of my eyes, Alma shows up and takes away Alice Wade. All, I can do now is to proceed to evac area. I did that well and found Alice Wade at the terrace. She is totally unaware of what happened at the lift before. While we are having a nice chat, our evac heli arrives and unfor…

Fear - Interception

I moved to some other floor in the elevator. Few guards were waiting there, ready to be killed by me. I finished them off and proceeded and met the old friends, Mapes surprisingly. Once again Mapes want me to bring down the local security system. I was not sure, whether to rely on him. But it looks like, I have no other choice.

Next few levels are pure horror without much gunfight. I somehow (bravely :P) managed to get past those terrifying stages and after some moment met up with Mapes again. That little noob activated security system and escaped from there. The activated security system controls the machine guns attached in the ceiling and they joined my list of hostiles now. Thanks to Mapes.

With SloMo and 2 close range shots from Shotgun, those machine guns were nothing. Then, I proceeded through the facility in search of Fettel. After adventuring through the creepy labs, I went to a U - shaped hall, dumped with a soldiers and an office in between. I wiped out the soldiers and th…

Fear - Extraction

This interval starts with a couple of good fight with the soldiers with some frightening scenes in between. While fighting the soldiers, they spoke about me like I am after their hostage. But, I have no idea, what they are speaking out. I am only after Paxton Fettel. But anyway, on hearing their speech, I was a little curious on that hostage.

After some hack and slash, I finally found the so called hostage, a guy named Bishop. But unfortunately he is wired with bombs in a chair. I am not a demolitions expert and so I am told to escort a demolition team waiting some where on the building to the Bishop's place.

I proceeded through the corridors and came to a hall with a few elevators. When I reached out the center of that hall, all the elevators opened and the soldiers came out of it suddenly. I head shotted two soldiers and took cover in the elevator from which they came. From there, I took out everyone one by one. Finally, a heavy tropper appeared. He was my favorite. I l…

Fear - Infiltration

LZ is hot:
I was nearing the Armacham Headquarters in a chopper and just before landing, enemies appeared around the landing pad and started firing us. All my men were killed and I was dropped alone. There was one small crate in the landing pad, which I used for cover. Without it, its death for me. Because there were more than 10 soldiers firing at me. Using the cover, I took them out one by one and proceeded inside the Armacham Headquarters.

The headquarters is bloody big and I was searching for Fettel in the whole of it. Several floors and rooms are tightly packed with the super soldiers and some have scary guests and creepy surprises.

In the first part of Infiltration, I was mostly hanging out at the terrace, dealing with super soldiers and only at the end of the first part, I hop in to the headquarters from rooftop and start my pursuit from there.

The room I hopped in looks like it had some terrible incidents happened before. Here, the game atmospere looks real creepy a…