FEAR - Plot

SPOILER ALERT !!! - This post explains in detail the plot of FEAR game and thus contains major spoilers.

The player is an operative in the FEAR(First Encounter Assault Recoon) team. The game starts with the players being debriefed by the FEAR operatives. The mission summary goes as this: There is a psychic commander named, Paxton Fettel, who is capable of controlling an army of super soldiers telepathically.

I am dropped in one of the buildings of Armacham facility with the mission to find Fettel. Shortly after the mission starts, all my team memebers were killed by some super-natural powers and I am left alone to pursue the mission. I roam through the haunted buildings of Armacham in search of Fettel, killing all the super soldiers on my way, meeting Fettel in both reality and some altered dimension, a dream.

Worst part is the creepy environment, the lively BGM and the terrific encounters with the creepy little girl, Alma. The game will really make anyone go insane. For me, I cant play the game more the 2 hours straight, heart beats will go to the maximum if I play long hours and I needed gaps to relax myself. The encounters with Alma will be the most intense gameplay that will make you sweat for real. Initially the plot will be completely confusing but as the game progress, all your speculations, the plot slowly answers itself and makes sense.

The confusion plot goes as follows: Armacham did some weird research several years ago and the project was doomed and results of the project were hidden to outside world. The project is named 'Project Origin'. The two mystic characters Fettel and Alma were somehow linked to the Project Origin.

After halve the game is over, I am assigned a different goal of pursuing after Alice Wade, daughter of Harlan Wade, who is the lead scientist behind Project Origin and there were speculations that Alma is the daughter of Harlan Wade. It seems since the project failed, Armacham killed the girl, Alma  and locked up the entire research facility, Vault. But it is suspected that Alma's sould still lives inside the Vault (Creepy !!!)

Going after Alice takes us to the Vault. No!!! I dont want to go in!!! But I got no other choice. The game's final moments happen within the vault. Inside the vault happens the creepiest encounters with Alma. But Alma looks different inside the vault. She is all grown up, its her real appearance at the time of her death. Things go really insane both gameplay wise and plot wise.

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It is revealed that Alma is my mother and Fettel, my brother. For some reason, she wants to kill me, her son. Possibly she should have gone mad because of all the tortures she had as part of the experiments and she wants to take revenge on all, including me.

Project Origin seems to be a project to create evolved super humans with psychic powers. Since Alma exhibited some psychic powers at the young age, she was taken as a test model, made to give birth to two children (the prototypes). In the process, she was tortured, separated from her children and in the killed as the people in the research team couldn't control her. But her soul still remains there with the only intention of taking revenge on all and we are put in the middle of this whole mess without even knowing what going on all around for some really sick reason, which we dont know till the end.

Things go completely out of hand inside the Vault and we are to blow up the whole facility destroying all the traces the Alma and Project Origin. I did just that and escapes from inside the Vault to the surface. A nuclear explosion occurs, but I survived the disaster, wakes in a helicopter with the FEAR team around. Somewhere in those scenes, I hear a lady say "Prototype two successful", by which she refers us". After credits, comes the final unexpected twist. Perfect Ending with a loads of things left to speculate.

Seriously this plot is worthy of a Hollywood movie plot, I would say. A wonder full game indeed :-)


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