Fear - Extraction

This interval starts with a couple of good fight with the soldiers with some frightening scenes in between. While fighting the soldiers, they spoke about me like I am after their hostage. But, I have no idea, what they are speaking out. I am only after Paxton Fettel. But anyway, on hearing their speech, I was a little curious on that hostage.

After some hack and slash, I finally found the so called hostage, a guy named Bishop. But unfortunately he is wired with bombs in a chair. I am not a demolitions expert and so I am told to escort a demolition team waiting some where on the building to the Bishop's place.

I proceeded through the corridors and came to a hall with a few elevators. When I reached out the center of that hall, all the elevators opened and the soldiers came out of it suddenly. I head shotted two soldiers and took cover in the elevator from which they came. From there, I took out everyone one by one. Finally, a heavy tropper appeared. He was my favorite. I love killing him with the SloMo on and head shotting him in very close range with the combat shot gun. After the heavy tropper is taken down, the demolition expert team appeared. Seeing them helped me to calm down my pulses, which was beating at its maximum because of the creepiness.

Once I reach Bishop along with the demolition expertise, the fire alarm got alarmed and I was to investigate the reason. And again, I am going out all alone. As expected, things were more creepy and intense this time and that damn little girl showed up in some places. The sound along with the visuals were frightening like hell.

After traversing many rooms, I found some soldiers and killed them and proceeded to the next level.

I reached the terrace, where I was to rejoin with the demolition expert group and Bishop. By the time, I went there all of my guys boarded the helicopters and very strangely the ATC security guards started shooting at the helicopter and they did managed to kill Bishop. Actually, they are supposed to be our allies, but again nothing goes as expected in this game.



I was making my way through the heart of the building killing everyone on my way, including the ATC security. While I was walking over a small pipe, things got loose and I fell down badly. Now, I am to search the area and find some way back. Once again, the creepiness level was raised and I was crawling through all the tunnels, crossing my paths, expecting the unexpected. Had a few worst encounters and finally I found a lift and a few soldiers appeared. I killed them all and went up through the lift.


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