FEAR - Incursion

I am at some Armacham Research facility, which is filled with ATC guards and Fettel's telepathic soldiers. The more deeper I go, the more things made sense through laptops, videos, etc., I met my old friend Mapes doing some mischieves as usual.

fear, game, mapes, behind

After some long search, I found the big entrance to the vault and a scene between Harlan Wade and Mapes, in which Mapes was shot. Harlan Wade enters the vault and sealed it by divering the power supplies to vault. Now, to open the vault, I need to bring back power to the vault doors.

fear, game, vault, entrance, door

I went through the whole facility and activated four power rods and came back to the entrance of the vault, where Mapes told his last words. He wants me to blow up the vault, by damaging the reactor cells in some power generator. I dont know if I can trust him. Anyway, Vault is just a few steps ahead and I am already freaked out. But, I am not quitting now, lets see.


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