Fear - Infiltration

LZ is hot:
I was nearing the Armacham Headquarters in a chopper and just before landing, enemies appeared around the landing pad and started firing us. All my men were killed and I was dropped alone. There was one small crate in the landing pad, which I used for cover. Without it, its death for me. Because there were more than 10 soldiers firing at me. Using the cover, I took them out one by one and proceeded inside the Armacham Headquarters.

The headquarters is bloody big and I was searching for Fettel in the whole of it. Several floors and rooms are tightly packed with the super soldiers and some have scary guests and creepy surprises.

In the first part of Infiltration, I was mostly hanging out at the terrace, dealing with super soldiers and only at the end of the first part, I hop in to the headquarters from rooftop and start my pursuit from there.

The room I hopped in looks like it had some terrible incidents happened before. Here, the game atmospere looks real creepy and it was too intense for me. I hope I wont quit this game in the middle.  Inside armacham headquarters, I was welcomed by a few cloaking soldiers. They were super fast and frightening. But with my SloMo, they were no match for me.


After a few supernatural encounters with the unknown, I met up with a fat guy named Norton Mapes, who was an engineer at Armacham. He wants me to shut down the local security system and he promises me to help me in my mission. I proceeded and shut downed the local security system as he told, after having some mini gun fights with the security guards. On coming back, he was missing. I should have already known, that I should never trust a fat guy like him.

I proceeded alone and as I near the end of this Interval, Alma is freaking me out, with occasional appearances. I am even okay with the voice of Fettel coming out of no where. But this little girl, Alma, she is very frightening.

Lets see, what the game have in store for me in the next interval.


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