FEAR - Revelation

I just now arrived inside the vault. There is a cool looking orb floating in front of me.

fear, game, orb, vault, inside

As expected, I am having creepy dream sequences with Fettel in it. This time, Fettel let me know a big secret and I never thought things will go like this. Unexpected, but interesting. On the end of the dream sequence, I am wiped out of my weapons and Fettel and Alice are found dead in front of me. I am not sure, whether it is for real and just an illusion.

On proceeding a litle, I found 3 soldiers, but they are standing still without any motion. I went close to them and touched them, but still no response. Maybe Fettel is really dead and now no one to control those soldiers, so they are now acting like unplugged robots.

I found a laptop with a video recording of Wade, where she described more about Alma. He ended his speech with a cool line. Here it is, "It is the way of men to make monsters. And it is the nature of monsters to destroy their makers". Its a very cool quote and fits exactly to the current situation.

fear, game, ghost, family, eating, fettel, flesh

This facility is like hell, where Alma is free roaming everywhere and killing everyone. I saw an incident of Wade getting killed terribly by Alma. Hope its just an illusion, that tricked me well. And here she spawned some new type of monsters directly from hell through a dark(warm hole like) opening. They are easy to kill (in one shot), but they are self-destructive explosives and causes very high damage and they spawn in big numbers. Even with my sloMo, I barely manage to handle them.

fear, game, hell, opening, spawns, evil

I found the reactor with four reactor cells. As told by mapes, I destroyed them and the whole damn place started crumbling. I am running for my life and I need to get the hell out of there. Missions aside, I need to save my life first.


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