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This interval starts with a chopper ride, where we are headed to Rammelmeier Industrial compound in Auburn. It was found that there is an underground complex in there and that place is somehow linked with the so called Project Origin. Also, that place is shut down for years because of some unknown reasons. On our way, as usual, our chopper was shot and we fell down in the middle. My mates were pretty badly injured and I am to proceed alone.

hell, fear, game, fall, down

I proceeded all alone through the old ruined building, killing the hostiles on my way. After going a long way, in one place, I saw Fettel holding Alice's neck and the image ran away. And I had a very disturbing dream sequence with Alma. Those dream sequences are very intense, long and very creepy now, when compared to past.

I searched the whole of Auburn District, with a number of encounters with the heavily armored soldiers and Alma. I finally found an elevator. With a creepy vision in an elevator, this interval ends.

Still I didnt found the Vault, Fettel, Alice or the gory Alma. But I have this feeling that I am very close to them now. Continued on next post.

Posted by Saiyasodharan R Saturday, April 16, 2011


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