Fear - Interception

I moved to some other floor in the elevator. Few guards were waiting there, ready to be killed by me. I finished them off and proceeded and met the old friends, Mapes surprisingly. Once again Mapes want me to bring down the local security system. I was not sure, whether to rely on him. But it looks like, I have no other choice.

Next few levels are pure horror without much gunfight. I somehow (bravely :P) managed to get past those terrifying stages and after some moment met up with Mapes again. That little noob activated security system and escaped from there. The activated security system controls the machine guns attached in the ceiling and they joined my list of hostiles now. Thanks to Mapes.

fear, game, mapes, fight

With SloMo and 2 close range shots from Shotgun, those machine guns were nothing. Then, I proceeded through the facility in search of Fettel. After adventuring through the creepy labs, I went to a U - shaped hall, dumped with a soldiers and an office in between. I wiped out the soldiers and then activated a button in the office.

That button brought down a worst sort of enemy, I ever seen, A power armored monster with rockets. It gave me a good intense fight. The trick is to always on move, hide from it, till the SloMo regenerates and then fire our own rockets at it, in SloMo. With this technique, and a dozen or two of rockets, he can be finished.

fear, game, creepy, interception

Then, I went up through the big elevator, in front of me. I continued my search for Fettel through the facility, got one surprising opportunity of taking out the guards with the machine gun, through a terminal.

After some time, this sub-interval "AfterImage" started and this is where I am totally freaked out. The environment is totally dark, I need to use my flash light more often and it felt a little like Doom 3. Sadly, this part made me fail my personal challenge. I set a challenge myself to play through this game only at night, with lights switched off and keeping full volume in my headset. But the creepiness in this level, made me play with this lights on and hence I failed my challenge. Dont laugh at me, everyone has their limits and I think this is mine.

At some point in this level, I was told to locate Alice Wade, who is in danger and plays an important role in this part. After I was assigned this mission, I got quite a good, hard oppression from the guards, the heavy tropper and the power armored monster and a special guard holding a particle gun. I wiped them all out for good and proceed through the facility, searching for Alice Wade.


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