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Zatun games, India recently released a very sweet iPhone game named I Luv Chocolat. I Luv Chocolat is a kid game where you need to collect variety of chocolates in an amazingly colorful world. Zatun Games is well known as the developer of "Legend of Vraz" game for PC. I myself not played the game, but from the reviews, it seems to be a great game. Please do check it out.

The game costs just $0.99, with a lite version, which you can try, before you buy.

More Info:
ITunes Store URL: - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i-luv-chocolat/id409137319?mt=8
Link to the Website: - http://zatungames.com/iphone-games-apps/luv-chocolat/

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Valley of the Kings is a nice park deep inside a valley with the entrance at the top of a mountain. On my first view of the valley itself, I decided to put some transport ride that helps the peeps to get down the valley. But thats a big plan and I postponed that work later.

coaster,roller,tycoon,3,rct3,freefall,view,perspective,desert,valley of kings,screenshot
Freeee Faallll !!!

As usual, I started with few thrill rides and gentle rides across the valley, which gave me a steady cash flow. Then to try something different, I built a custom Steeple Chase (horse ride) at one corner of the park. It had a good excitement rating and peeps rushed to ride this attraction.

Then, I started implementing my transportation plan. Suspended Monorail was available for me to get started. Placed one station at the top of the mountain near the entrance and placed the other station deep down the valley, connected them with tracks that cover the entire track. Then I built 2 pre-built roller coasters and with that I achieved tycoon level.

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Broom Lake is sci-fi theme park in a desert land. A rough layout for the park is already laid out with plenty of stalls and other facilities, with the paths decorated with beautiful sceneries.

I dont know if its really me playing better than before or the patch that did this. The thing is the game seems to be very easy now, with the peeps enjoying (and paying) all the rides many times, buys lots of items from stalls, really using the ATMs that I placed and making my park's profit roofing to the top.

Broom Lake - Overview

I build a few gentle rides like 3D Cinema and Laser Battle near the entrance of the park. Since these are the first and only attractions in the park, peeps were very excited and almost everyone started queuing in for those attractions.

Then, I started adding thrill rides at the back of the park, slowly repaying the loans. With half a dozen thrill rides working at their full potential,  money flow was not a problem. With everything setup, I fast forwarded the time, repayed the loans, satisfied the VIP and finished the game achieving Tycoon objective without building a roller coaster :D

Scenic sci fi pathways

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This is a very cool looking symmetrically layouted scenario with a good real estate covered with water, which is also symmetrically laid. This is a very easy scenario and I completed it in 1.5 to 2 hours.

roller,coaster,tycoon,3,go with the flow,scenery,castle,view,screenshot,game

All the lay outing is already done and my job is just to place random rides at appropriate position. All I build is thrill rides, gentle rides, junior rides and such. I built a log flume circuit, but it didnt workout well and I scrapped it. I built so many attractions, but never built any water rides. In my opinion, they are not required.

With a large number of mini attraction, I got to entrepreneur level and I started building a mini coaster, whose completion gave me the tycoon level of this game.

From next scenario, I planned to build a super-duper custom roller coaster and share it here...

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Fright Night is a scary theme park with creepy theme and helly attractions. There are already few attractions in there, with a wild roller coaster. But, they are not attractive enough for the peeps. My objective is to build atleast two roller coasters with an excitement rating of atleast 7.00 and to get $600 monthly from ride income.

I played this game twice but failed, because the rides I have been building were not attracting the peeps, even the pre-built coasters were not good enough. So, I downloaded and applied the 1.3 patch, before continuing. This patch did amazing job. It reduced to loading times much, the game is now smoother than before, and now the peeps are interested in my rides :D


After applying the patch, I started this Fright Night scenario from scratch. I built a few thrill rides here and there, after investing heavily of thrill ride research. I noticed that the peeps are not much interested in the Wild Roller Coaster that came with the park. So, I scrapped it and with that money, I build a pre-built floorless Inverted roller coaster, named Jet Stream. Then came the notification that the peeps were hungry and blah blah. So, I setup half a dozen stalls around the park, which would solve that issue.

The objective is to have two coasters with atleast 7.00 excitement. Since, I scrapped the stock coaster, my coaster count is just 1 now. I got some loan from bank and started working on my custom Wild Mouse coaster, which came up pretty well with more than 7.00 excitement rating. I gave a bright colours and it looked very cool :-) I saved the design for future use. Here is a screenshot of the coaster:


With the construction and testing of wild mouse coaster, I acheived tycoon level of Fright Night

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Box Office is an awesomely themed park with one and only Mono Rail that takes us throughout the beautiful park. The park is heavily themed with various theming items. But all those beauty is spoiled by the heavily littered paths and pavements, with no Janitors to take care of them. Because of those vomits and litters, the park rating was at around 100.

My Objective is to cleanup the park, improve its rating and to build a huge coaster with atleast an excitement rating of 7.00. I started with hiring two janitors and trained them to their maximum capacity. Then, I started building few thrill rides above the existing infrastructure and paving path from the ground below. Because the real estate available to build additional attractions is very tiny and so I reserved them for my future coaster.

After some time, like 2 years, I achieved the Entrepreneur goal and found that the peeps are no longer interested in Studio Tour, the mono rail, that I was speaking about before. I have no idea why this is happening. I tried lowering the price, renamed the ride, but in vein. So, I simply demolished it and I got like $7000 from it. With the money I got and with some Bank Loan, I build a pre-built floor less inverted coaster, with an excitement rating of more than 7.00.


That coaster was enough to satisfy the next VIP and with this, this scenario is over.

Before starting the next scenario, I am going to update my game that fixes some bugs. Hope the saved files work after the game is updated and I could continue with my scenarios.

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Checkered Flag is yet another easy theme park, where you need to impress the the VIPs by building jaw dropping roller coasters. Already in the park is two big Go-Kart tracks, which is not very lucrative. The biggest plus in this scenario is that you are given $50,000 at the start of the game, with $0 from loan. So, no worries in the financial department.

roller,coaster,tycoon,rct 3,3,checkered,flag,scenario,screenshot,view,deep,drop,desert

I built a huge coaster with plenty of twists, drops, lifts and other special goodies. I had a excitement rating of more than 6.00, which was high enough to satisfy the VIP and to achieve part of tycoon objective. The other objective is to raise my monthly profit through shops to $200.00, which took me a couple of years to finish.

After building that mega coaster, I had like $15,000 in hand, with which I sprinkled a number of thrill rides and gentle rides here and there, build a number of shops and stalls. Then, I spent some money in advertising the park. All these things smoothly took me to the tycoon level and with this I completed the Checkered Flag scenario.

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Gold Rush is an old abandoned boring mine at the heart of a desert, with a mine coaster and few other attractions. The objective of this game is to gain a stable monthly income of $700.00, build few excitements and coasters of long length and to repay the debts.

roller,coaster,tycoon,3,rct 3,goldrush,screenshot,desert,overview,start

I started with few gentle and thrill rides and sparkled a number of stalls and shops here and there. Then, I built a mini-rail that takes peeps throughout the park and gives them a overview of the whole park. By this time, I got a steady flow of cash in and so I started working on a coaster. It was a suspended coaster and helped me move to my goals fast.

By this time, I re-payed my loans and have a steady cash flow. So, waited for sometime to get some more money and built a ready made roller coaster, which helped me reach the Tycoon objective of the Goldrush theme park.

roller,coaster,tycoon,3,rct 3,screenshot,mini,train,goldrush,desert

Goldrush was a piece of cake and next is the Checkered Flag, about which I will post tomorrow...

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Vanilla Hills is a nice startup park with already a couple of attractions built in. The objective is to develop it,  draw more guests and to raise the park value.

Since this is my first park in RCT3, I took some time in exploring things from the themes and sceneries to building intense roller coasters. I started developing slowly and steadily with the thrill and gentle riles, placing shops at random places.

First Coaster:
Though I built more than half a dozen attractions with a number of stalls here and there, I am not getting much profit, and I already reached my loan limit. So, I speeded up the game speed to acquire some money and after I got enough money, I started building my first roller coaster(I think it was a Junior coaster). I placed a few good helixes with not so deep drops and luckily, it got an excitement rating of more than 5. Here is a screenshot of peeps queuing for that roller coaster:


Tip: Rename a peep's name as "Jonny Watts" to the view of that peep. Thanks to Jonny Watts, I was able to take the above screenshot.

Though I was able to achieve the number of guests objective easily, raising the park value to complete the second objective was a little hard for me and played for hours, building a big number of attractions, including 3 coasters and finally reached park value of $100K and completed Vanilla Hills as a Tycoon :D


Goldrush tomorrow...

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Its been a long time since my last post. Its because I was a little busy, and didnt get enough time to play games. So, My one and only New Year resolution is that I should set apart some time to have fun in virtual worlds.

To begin with, I played the good old CS 1.6 with my friends on 1.1.11 and I am now playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I am a big fan of tycoon games and played many tycoon from RCT, RRT, Zoo Tycoon, Monopoly Tycoon, Oil Tycoon, etc., But, my tycoon journey started off with this particular game, Roller Coaster Tycoon. Thanks a bunch to Karthik, Makesh and others who gave me this Ultimate Tycoon game to me a decade back.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Series:
Roller Coaster Tycoon is a wonder world where you can create amazing theme parks with intensive Roller Coasters, thrill and gentle rides, manage the whole park, etc., I completed every single scenario in Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and a few scenarios in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. In my opinion, RCT 2 is just the same as RCT 1 with just few extra rides. I think its better to say RCT 2 as RCT 1.5 or something.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3:
RCT 3 is a completely different beast and the ultimate thing is the game is in 3D and you can actually ride any attractions that you build. This game adds a lot of rides, attraction, shops, sceneries to the game and is the best. It also adds new firework system to the game that amazingly beautifies things at night.

I finished all the tutorials, and started the game with the first scenario, Vanilla park. I will post about the scenarios as soon as I finish them.

Ride On...

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