RCT 3: Checkered Flag

Checkered Flag is yet another easy theme park, where you need to impress the the VIPs by building jaw dropping roller coasters. Already in the park is two big Go-Kart tracks, which is not very lucrative. The biggest plus in this scenario is that you are given $50,000 at the start of the game, with $0 from loan. So, no worries in the financial department.

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I built a huge coaster with plenty of twists, drops, lifts and other special goodies. I had a excitement rating of more than 6.00, which was high enough to satisfy the VIP and to achieve part of tycoon objective. The other objective is to raise my monthly profit through shops to $200.00, which took me a couple of years to finish.

After building that mega coaster, I had like $15,000 in hand, with which I sprinkled a number of thrill rides and gentle rides here and there, build a number of shops and stalls. Then, I spent some money in advertising the park. All these things smoothly took me to the tycoon level and with this I completed the Checkered Flag scenario.


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