RCT 3: Box Office

Box Office is an awesomely themed park with one and only Mono Rail that takes us throughout the beautiful park. The park is heavily themed with various theming items. But all those beauty is spoiled by the heavily littered paths and pavements, with no Janitors to take care of them. Because of those vomits and litters, the park rating was at around 100.

My Objective is to cleanup the park, improve its rating and to build a huge coaster with atleast an excitement rating of 7.00. I started with hiring two janitors and trained them to their maximum capacity. Then, I started building few thrill rides above the existing infrastructure and paving path from the ground below. Because the real estate available to build additional attractions is very tiny and so I reserved them for my future coaster.

After some time, like 2 years, I achieved the Entrepreneur goal and found that the peeps are no longer interested in Studio Tour, the mono rail, that I was speaking about before. I have no idea why this is happening. I tried lowering the price, renamed the ride, but in vein. So, I simply demolished it and I got like $7000 from it. With the money I got and with some Bank Loan, I build a pre-built floor less inverted coaster, with an excitement rating of more than 7.00.


That coaster was enough to satisfy the next VIP and with this, this scenario is over.

Before starting the next scenario, I am going to update my game that fixes some bugs. Hope the saved files work after the game is updated and I could continue with my scenarios.


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