Warzone is a tower defense game where your objective is to defend your HQ from the waves of enemy tanks by constructing defensive structures. There are many maps to choose from and different types of game modes.

The game is too good because both the enemy units and our defenses are so well balanced that you need to construct all types structures to counter the variety of enemy units at strategic positions. The maps are initially empty at the start, it is upto the player to shape up the path that the enemy takes to his/her advantage. This gives infinite possibilities where player can try out a different number of placements to find a best placement plan.

Apart from the defensive structures, the player has the power to drop bomb and nuke at a given point which has a one time area damage effect, very much useful at crysis especially at later stages.

Game Link: http://www.flasharcade.com/arcade-games/warzone-tower-defence-game.html

No goal:
The only thing that I dont like about this game is that none of the maps has a goal which when reached we win the game. All maps and modes are like endurance mode where we keeps on playing until our HQ is destroyed. The thought that how good we play, we are going to loose at the end is not much satisfying. Other than this, it is a perfect tower defense game.

Warzone highscore 71899

Cheap Trick:
There is a cheap trick to survive longer than usual. The defenses should be placed such that there are two long curved loopy paths to the HQ, one path should be closed always so that all the units move through the other path and when the units are near the end of their path, that path should be closed and the other is opened. Thus by repeating this cycle with perfect timing, we increase the path travelled by the enemy tanks to virtually infinite distance.

By using the above technique, once a large number of tanks are gathered in a single area, we could drop a nuke there to take them all out with a single hit.

In our office, we are to develop a similar iphone game named 'Warnest', so we took this as a reference. I was playing the game daily for past few weeks and the maximum score I could reach is 71K in the 160th wave.

Overall its a great game with much replay value because of its dynamic nature and served its purpose (as a reference to our game) well.


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