FEAR - Redirection

Now I am a bit closer to Alice Wade and is now going to enter the Executive Building. This executive building is soo creepy, that Alma even shows up in TV monitors. Without much trouble I reached a place, which is supposed to be the office of Alice Wade. But no one is there, and the place is shattered into pieces. I wonder what happened to her. Anyways, I continued my pursuit for her.

The damn lift is broken and I am forced to use the ladders inside. After searching the executive building thoroughly, with some creepy encounters and gun fights in between, I found Alice Wade locked up in her father's office. I freed her and now I am to escort her to the top for evac.

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At one point, we are separated and in front of my eyes, Alma shows up and takes away Alice Wade. All, I can do now is to proceed to evac area. I did that well and found Alice Wade at the terrace. She is totally unaware of what happened at the lift before. While we are having a nice chat, our evac heli arrives and unfortunately shot down by the hostiles. Alice is shocked on seeing the heli blowing and going down and ran into a nearby door and locked the door.

There is a high probability that Alice is heading towards the Car Parking area, to take her car. So, I need to get there ASAP and find her. I am in the terrace now and need to go all the way down to find her. I started my pursuit and on my way, I encountered a wave of new type of enemies. They are flying bots programmed very carefully to kill just me. With my SloMo enabled, they are not a big threat.

The parking area is very heavily guarded with normal guards and heavy troopers and wiped them all out, but could not find Alice Wade. It seems she already escaped from this facility. Then, I met with my friends, who are waiting for me with the heli. Now, we are en route to Auburn District, where Alice is believed to be going to find her father.

See you at Auburn District.


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