Gothic 1: Sect Camp and New Armor

I met with Bloodwyn in old camp. First, he asked me to pay 10 ore to him, so that he provides me safety inside the camp. But, I refused him to pay and he warned me that I would face the consequences.

Then, I met Graham and got the map of the Valley from him.

Then, I met Sly, who gave me the mission to search for and find Nek.

Then, on the other gate, I spoke with Jackal who asked me 10 ore just like Bloodwyn did. But, this time, I paid Jackal 10 ore and moved out of the camp for hunting. Actually, my plan now was to go to the Swamp Camp and buy an armor. I had only around 350 ore, but the armor costed 500 ore. But, I had plenty of Grilled Meats and other animal trophies to trade for Ore.

I went to Swamp Camp and spoke with Lester at the entrance. Then, I spoke with Joru and got a weed mission from him. Then, I went inside and got my daily ration from Fortuno, which is what Joru asked. Also, I traded the trophies with Fortuno for Ore and got 200 Ore. With the money, I bought the Loincloth from the templar at the entrance for 500 Ore. That Loincloth provides 15 weapon protection and 10 Fire Protection.

With the increased Defense from Loincloth, I now was able to fought Lizards and Wolves with ease. While hunting I levelled up and with the skill points I got, I learned all the hunting skills which included Taking of the Claws and skinning Lizards.

Then, I went to Old Camp and met with Herek, who tried to attack me. Herek was set up to kill me by Bloodwyn for not paying him the ore. With all the great weapon protections I have, I beat Herek without much difficulty.

I am now Level 5 with 55 Strength, 20 weapon Protection, learnt all the basic hunting skills and 1 skill point remaining. My stat screen here:
gothic, 1, screenshot, game, stat, screen

Now, to fulfill Thorus request I fought Mordrag and beated him and asked him to accompany me to New Camp. We ran to New Camp in the night and on the way, I met Aidan who is a Hunter. On reaching New Camp, Mordrag gave me his ring, with which I could meet Lares. I went in and met Lares. He gave an assignment of finding what the Brotherhood is planning in the Sect Camp to blow up the barrier. With this, I stopped today's play and will continue on later.

Till now, I have completed only two missions:
Shrike's Hut
Canvassing of Customers


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