POP - SOT: "At Last We're Here!"

Up above the Prison, Prince faces a number of hard Sand Creatures. Here, the Sand Creatures concentrate on killing Farah. So, Prince have to save her at all cost. This fight longs for a long time, as the Creatures keep on spawning. After this hard fight is over, a Savepoint appears, upto which the game is 81% completed.

Prince push the buttons there, to open up the gate, that leads to the Tomb. Then, Prince fights a number of Giant Sand Crows and goes inside the Tomb, where he gets its Ninth Life Upgrade. A Screenshot of the cracked wall that leads to the Ninth Life Upgrade:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, life, upgrade, ninth, health

Then, Prince and Farah comes to an Elevator, where Prince will have his toughest fight in the game. At a time, Prince have to manage nearly 5 to 6 Sand Creatures and also have to save Farah. Also, this fight will be the longest one in the game. The Sand Creatures keeps on spawning for a long time. But, they come in Batches. After a batch of Sand Creatures were killed, the next batch takes some time like 30 seconds to come. During that time, Prince may go and refill his Health bar, by drinking the water from the nearby fountain.

prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, life, fight, hard


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