Gothic 1: New Camp

I went to New Camp. On the way fought some wolves and scanvengers. The day passed over and it was night, so I ignored most of the monsters and ran to new Camp. There in New Camp, I met Jarvis and had a small conversation with him about the Water Mages' plan to open up the barrier. Then, I went in and met Gorn and he told me to beat Shrike and take over his Hut, If I needed a place to sleep.

So, I decided to fight Shrike. But, I dont have any armor except the Nek's Amulet. I hit him thrice and the fourth time he hit me and half of life was gone. So, I ran around that Hut and in that time, Shrike took his Bow and went into the hut. Then, I ate some grilled meats to restore my health and went in and beated Shrike and took all the items he had. I took a sword from him, which was better than Whistler's Sword. Then, he moved to some other spot and this Hut is now MINE. I informed about this to Gorn, which gave me a good experience.
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Then, I met Baal Kagan there, who was distributing swamp weeds, to the rogues and Mercenaries and he asked my assistance in distributing them. I got 10 swamp weeds from him and distributed. The people in New Camp gave me 10 ore for each swamp weed. So, in the end I got 100 ore and some experience for completing the mission and also, I got 100 ore as a reward from Baal Kagan.

Then, again I went for a small hunting session in the night around New Camp and killed some wolves and Scavengers and I got levelled up too.

I came back to Old Camp and learned Fur Removal and Teeth Extraction skills from Drax. Then, I learned 5 strength from Diego and returned Whistler's sword to him.
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