POP - SOT: The Tomb

Prince and Farah have a very big Conversation in the tomb, then suddenly Farah disappears.Then Prince comes to a beautiful looking place with a VERY long staircase in front of him.

On reaching the bottom of the staircase, Prince have to solve a puzzle to reach Farah. The puzzle is as follows:
The circle shaped room has 9 doors apart from the Starting door. Prince have to go through all the doors in a correct sequence to reach Farah. If you listen to the Audio carefully, then you will have no problem in finding the sequence, but if you are playing the game with the speakers turned off, then there is no way you could solve this puzzle.

To find the correct door to go, just stand in front of each and every door and look out for a water spilling sound. You could hear that sound, only if you are standing in front of the correct door. With this clue, solve this puzzle. After going through all the doors, a Scence appears, where is Farah is taking bath in a beautiful Place. Prince joins her and they do some Romance and Prince faints or sleeps then.

After he wakes up, he found that Farah stole her Sword and the Dagger of Time. To keep the sands from consuming Prince, Farah left her Necklace there. Now, the Prince has no weapons and some Sand Creatures appear. Run fast from there and Prince founds a powerful sword in there. But it is covered by a Force shield. Prince solves the light Puzzle there, to bring down the shield and takes the new sword. Now, Prince goes back to the place, kills all the Sand Creatures there and a savepoint appears there. Till now, 90% of the game is completed.

Some Screenshots:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, farah
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, romance
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, new sword


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