Morrowind: Urshilaku Camp and Initiation Rite

After a very long journey, I reached Urshilaku Camp. But, I remembered that I cant just enter into the Yurt of the leader. I need someone to sent me in there. SO, I spoke to an Ashlander in the camp and he
liked to have a Trama Root. I had one and gave it to him as a thoughtful gift. So, on my request, he sent me to meet the head of their Camp.

I met Sul-Matuul, the head of Urshilaku Ashlanders. I told him my story and that I needed to be tested against the Nerevarine Prophecies. But he told that only an Ashlander or the Clanfriend of them can be
tested for the prophecies. But I am an outlander. So, I told me to fetch the Sul-Senipul's Bonebiter Bow in the burial caverns of Sul-Senipul, the father of Sul-Matuul. If I get and return the bow to
Sul-Matuul then he will adopt me as a Clanfriend of Urshilaku Tribe. This act of bringing the bow is called as Initiation rite.

I searched for a while and found the burial grounds of Urshilaku. It was extremely large inside, with so many sub-burial grounds. I spend much time here searching for the Bonebiter Bow. After nearly an
hour of searching, I found the ghost of Sul-Senipul. I fought it, killed it and retrieved the bow from its remains.

morrowind, wraith, sul, senipul
Wraith of Sul-Senipul

With the bow, I returned to Urshilaku Camp and gave it to Sul-Matuul. He was very surprised to see the bow and he told me to keep the bow myself. He also accepted me as a clanfriend of their tribe and
forwarded me to Nibani Maesa, the wise woman, to test me against the Nerevarine Prophecies.


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