Morrowind: Warrior's Test to take up Third Trial

I went to Urshilaku Camp and told Nibani Maesa about all the details of the lost
When asked about the Third Trial, Nibani Maesa told me about a Shrine to Azura called Cavern of the Incarnate and she told me to meet Sul-Matuul for more details.

morrowind, flame, atronach morrowind, bonelord morrowind
Some screenshots inside Tomb of Dagoth Morin

Sul-Matuul warned me that the path of Incarnate is a very hard one and many tough people failed the warrior test in the the path of Incarnate. Then, he gave me instructions to complete the Warrior test and only if I completed this test successfully, then I will be briefed about the Third Trial.
I have to go to Kogoruhn, the ancient halls of the forgotten house and collect 3 tokens.

  • The first one is just a Corprus weeping from a Corprus beast.
  • The second one is a Cup with the mark of House Dagoth
  • Third one is a Shadow Shield, which lies in the tomb of Dagoth Morin, deep beneath the lava tunnels.

After some 5 minutes walk from Urshilaku Camp, I reached Kogoruhn. First, I started exploring the tomb of Dagoth Morin. It is very big filled with insane creatures from all types of Atronach to evil Dagoth people. This tomb is really very big with so many tunnels, water ways, lava tunnels and much more. I searched for a very long time, but didnt found any of the token except the Corprus weeping. So, I came out of the tomb and searched the other three buildings in Kogoruhn. They are all just one roomed building and I found the House Dagoth cup there. Then, again I went into the tomb of Dagoth Moring and after a long time, I found the Shadow Shield. I spent almost two hours in Kogoruhn and found all the tokens.

morrowind, house, dagoth, cup morrowind, shadow, shield
House Dagoth Cup and Shadow Shield

While I was roaming through the lava tunnels of Dagoth Morin Tomb, I found a door which leads directly to the Red Mountain, bypassing the Ghostgate. But, I didnt go into it, since I wanted Dagoth Ur to live some more days:-)

When, I was about to return to Urshilaku Camp, I found the dead body of an Ordinator there. All his armors were worth more than 1 lakh gold. I looted them all and went back to the camp and gave the tokens to Sul-Matuul. He was really impressed by my success and accepted to tell me about the Third Trial.


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