Last Chaos: Tips on Soloing high level mobs in Tomb

     I had been training myself and my Ichi at wafes for the past 1 week. In the past few levels I got loads of SP from killing wafes. With all those SP, I maxed all my skills and spent the remaining SP on Master Weaponsmith and some leaf processing skill.

     I thought of making a quick level and so went to tomb taking MUTTI, a templar knight in my guild along with me. On entering Tomb, I was in level 53 and 8% xp. We went to Anubis and killed few anubis and a few sphinx which made my xp to 61%. Then for one anubis kill, i put on a Experience Booster(XPB) to check how much I get with the XPB. On that kill I got a whooping 65% xp and made level 54, with 26%.

     Then had a small fight with TheUnDead, an alt of Sickness. We didnt went to arena as it will be crowded by high level ppl. So we went to the Providing grounds in Draton, which is quite empty. He is just level 40 and I am level 54. Anyway we just had a few fights and it was a good fun. A Screenshot:

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     As most people think, soloing high level monsters is not very tough, especially in Tomb. You just need to get the right gears and pots and must not hesitate to run in the middle when your health gets to very low level.

     Here is small tips on soloing high level monsters in Tomb

  • You need to get maximum Evasion and a few Hit Rate. Just forget about the crits and suction accs. Like Stone of Shadow(SoS) for evasion and Tears of Knight(ToK) or 93 HR acc for hit rate.
  • Then had loads of Greater HP and MP pots and candies. Keep these pots running all the time to be in safer side.
  • Level 12 physical defense and attack minerals is must. Put your pets technical points in full defense.
  • Lastly, top gear which includes +15 weapon and +8 and above armor
  • Keep an eye on your HP all the time, if it goes below 25% of ur total, just run and give some time for your candies and hp pots to heal you.

     With all the above, you can easily solo the mobs on tomb. No need to beg someone to plvl you, when you can do it all by yourself..

Have Fun



  1. Can you Plvl me? LOLL =)

  2. sry.. I dont get plvled not plvl any1. BTW I quitted Last Chaos now... I think its not hard to plvl urself with de tips given above. Try them and hav fun :)


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